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How to open a lock

Leaving keys indoors or forgetting them anywhere can be an unpleasant experience. And it will be even more so when there is a rush to enter the residence hall. It is that even the most clever is not exempt from being trapped outside the home, so we are going to teach you how to open a lock without a key.

Yes, it is true, as time passes and the security measures of the house are extreme, new models of locks begin to appear on the market that seem reliable, impenetrable and indestructible. But the truth of the case is that regardless of the quality with which they have been manufactured, there will always be a way to open them.
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And today we will tell you how to unlock a lock without its key only in emergencies. Now, pay close attention to the methods that we are going to teach you and apply them only if necessary.

Learn how to open a lock

The types of locks vary by design. But the model or the way they have been manufactured does not matter. There will always be a way to open them when they are stuck. And the best thing is that you can do it yourself without having to pay for the services of a locksmith and without having to break your head thinking of some method of being able to enter the house. Here are some techniques:

#one. Use the pick method

To open a lock without keys you can purchase a pick kit. Hardware stores have it at a good price and the truth is that they are quite practical. There are different types such as relief, serrated or tensor. You will have to choose the one that best suits the lock you want to open.

It is quite easy to use. You will only have to insert the pick into the lock at the same time as the tensioner. Press the tensioner slightly toward the opening of the lock. At the same time, make a few movements with the picks until the door is completely unlocked.

#two. The bumping mechanism

They are ideal for locks that do not have an anti-bumping system. Generally, most doors are not equipped with this new technology, so it will be much easier. You just have to get a key similar to the original, insert it in the mouth of the lock and give a few light blows with a rubber hammer.
How to Open a DOOR with an X-ray on Amazon

In this way, you will get the pistons to align to open the lock without keys and without any problem. This is a fairly straightforward method used by most locksmiths.

#3. Apply force

It does not apply to all doors, but it works sometimes. The doors that you can open with a sharp kick of the kick are the ones that are located inside because they are more fragile. They are those that do not have a lock as such, but do have a latch or latch.

Many people apply these techniques but in emergency cases, since it causes damages that you will have to compensate by spending a little money. Take into account that the doors are also opened with battering rams by police officers, but it is a technique used by professionals.

Hitting a door with your shoulder is not recommended, as you could be injured after each attempt.

#4. Use a kickstand

This is another way of forcing a lock. But if the case warrants it, then there will be no choice but to use the lever or kickstand. The longer it is, the better because it allows you to press with much more power.

You will have to insert the kickstand between the door and the door frame and press everything it gives until you achieve your mission.

And you … Which of these methods would you use?

How to Open a Lock without key Easy – 4 Ways to Open a Lock – Amazing life hacks with Locks 🔴 NEW

How to Open a Lock without key Easy – 4 Ways to Open a Lock – Amazing life hacks with Locks 🔴 NEW

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