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Bumping key – Bumping method

bumping key – bumping method – bumping keys

Have you ever thought what would have happened if the little key that you threw around so much when you closed your mouth, in that common and childish gesture, was a real key? The only solution to speak again would be a Bumping key, because if not then who knows where the key to the closure of our lips would have been thrown and there to search for eternity.

All mute thanks to the famous keyless padlock, in short, the only rescue option would be to resort to the famous method Bumping to be able to solve that mess.

If hope is the last thing to be lost, what would be the first?

Well, a very popular saying says that “hope is the last thing that is lost” but and if they ask you what would be then the first thing that is lost, what do you think would be the best answer? Do not think so much, the answer in this case is none other than ¡the keys!

How many of us, forgetful human beings, have not kept the key in a friend’s house with no near possibility of search? Either we have left it lying in a bar of a cafe or we dropped it on the bus without realizing it or it has even stayed inside the house! I know that at least once some of these circumstances have happened to all of us with our keys, if not all of these.

Then we enter the deep dilemma, if the keys have been lost or I simply don’t have them. What should I do to be able to enter the passivity of my enclosure? In this case there are always two alternatives, try to get a copy with a close relative, if it exists (both the copy of the key, as well as the close relative) and if not, call a locksmith.

The Bumping Method: What is the bumping method all about?

What will the locksmith do to fix my problem? Surely it will not be to give us some memory pills. Rather begin to work by applying the Bumping method. This famous method consists of opening the lock without having to force it or damage it, only by applying a special key that will be struck to allow the bolt to open.


The Bumping Method: how do you know what a bumping key is?

The Bumping Key At first glance or by touch it could look like any key, all until realizing that the cuts in the key are exactly the same and go as deep as possible in the key, that is, without touching the gutter. In this way it is known that it is a Bumping key, that is, the main tool to apply the method.

Now, you may be wondering how the method works, right? Well it’s really easy, it just consists of inserting the key into the lock and hitting the Bumping key so that this between the vibration and the blow allows the separation of the pistons and counter pistons.

When the pistons and counter pistons are struck by the Bumping key There is a momentary separation of them, this is what allows the key to turn in the bolt despite not being the one that fits perfectly, and thus the lock is opened without damaging it or leaving any kind of trace of violation of privacy.

So easy that the bumping method is dangerous

Did you find the explanation complicated? Surely not, and just as it has not seemed to you to many people in the world who move in the illicit field, it does not seem difficult to learn and practice it either. It is because of that this easy method has become dangerous.

When did the bumping method appear?

When the Bumping method It appeared used only by locksmiths, approximately for 1970, this technique was very well received since it helped to solve many problems, however, with the passage of time in which the insecurity and malice of some has been increasing this method It has become one of the first ways to violate the security of some houses and premises for merely illicit purposes.

The explicitness of the explanations of pages on the internet does not leave much to the imagination which makes it ultimately that the Bumping method very easy implementation

Conclusion to avoid bumping method?

To avoid being victims of this method it is recommended to use anti-bumping bolts or other types of security and also never forget or lose keys




There are different manufacturers of sets of “resistant” bowlers to bumping or percussion, also known as bulbs or anti-bumping bowlers. But you should be very careful with which manufacturer you choose, as there are many brands of bowlers that claim that their products are resistant to the bumping method and therefore are anti-bumping, when they are not.

There are locks that claim to be anti-bumping and that will hinder the thief when he tries to open using this technique, but they are still vulnerable and not very resistant to a bumping key (the key used in the bumping method).


The Mul-T-Lock cylinders have a patented bulb that they claim to be anti-bumping and that to make a copy of the key you need to go to an authorized center with a magnetic card that is delivered with the bulb when the purchase is made. a copy of the key. But I raise a question, is that the way to proceed that the company has, although keys can be manufactured and prepared for the bumping method without having to go to an authorized center? Well I hope that the bumping method and the bumping key will not cause many headaches. And that these Mul-T-Lock, like other manufacturers do not tell us what it is not, if I see something there I will keep you posted.



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