> Bumping key – Everything you need to know

Bumping key – Everything you need to know

The origin of the bumping key dates back to professional use by locksmiths around the world. These are specially modified keys, to open any lock that has a common cylinder, by applying the correct opening technique. This method has been around for almost a decade and is still a favorite with most locksmiths, to easily troubleshoot jammed locks.

Perhaps in recent years, you’ve heard a lot about the use of bumping keys, especially from criminals. These have taken this tool used by locksmiths, to commit their misdeeds undetected. This crime wave is the main reason why there are currently a wide variety of anti-bumping locks on the market.

To apply this technique, it is necessary to have a specialized key. These are designed with a specific shape, which allow them to enter any lock and that when hit lightly with a blunt object, allow the locks to be opened without the need to force them.

Don’t worry if the procedure is not entirely clear to you; Since in the course of the article, we will teach you everything you need to know about bumping keys.

What are Bumping Keys?

Bumping keys take their name from the technique used to open a lock. In which, the special key is inserted into the keyhole and with the help of a blunt object (generally a hammer), it is struck on the head of the key, in such a way that the force of the blow (bump) is transferred to the key and from there to the bolts inside the cylinder. The intention is that the blow has enough force to make the bolts pop, aligning them as they would if the original key of the lock were inserted.

What makes these keys special and allows it to fit into almost any lock, is the shape of its teeth. They follow a uniform pattern along the span of the key, which is called “nine hundred-ninety-nine.”

In general, we cannot find them in the businesses of our city, due to the bad reputation they have acquired over the years, thanks to crime. To acquire one, we will have to go to a locksmith and request that they manufacture a 999, to which it is likely that they will ask us for an identification to avoid problems with the law. Although online, it is possible to acquire a wide variety of models of bumping keys without any problem.

Bumping Keys Benefits

It is estimated that bumping keys can fit in approximately 90% of the locks that our doors have, since for the most part, we have common models and not anti-bumping. In other words, bumping keys fulfill a similar function to master keys.

The design of these keys allows that through a simple tap, we can open the locks easily and quickly, without having to force them. A priori, having the possibility of unlocking a door without resorting to drastic methods such as the use of drills, picks or simply replacing it; it is truly reassuring for the owners. This is because having a bumping key allows you to get out of desperate situations, such as losing a key or forgetting it inside the home. These characteristics make these keys, in allies that we should all count on.

On the other hand, in case of an incident, we will always have the option of calling a locksmith and they will take care of solving the situation. These professionals can help us in the difficult task of opening our doors even when we have broken, lost or forgotten our key. So it is advisable to have a trusted locksmith to deal with this type of setback.

How to make a homemade bumping key

To make your own bumping key, you will only need a key without carving and a file that allows modeling the teeth without complications. The secret to creating a good bumping key is that all the teeth are equal in their maximum depth; since these will be in charge of aligning the bolts according to the master key. Take into consideration that the method that we will indicate below will not work with point keys, since they merit a more complex technique.


  • Blank key, serreta type (an old key that you do not use also works).
  • Triangular metal file.

Step by Step:

  • Very carefully and patiently file all the teeth on the key until they are exactly the same. They should have a clear “V” shape.
  • Make sure that all the tips are aligned and that they do not exceed the line, otherwise the wrench will not work.
  • Check that the key fits multiple locks. If it doesn’t, continue filing your teeth until it fits perfectly into all of your locks. Ready, you have created your own homemade bumping key!

Where to buy Bumping Keys?

Due to the growing fame that these keys have acquired, we can find them in a large number of online stores. If your desire is to buy cheap bumping keys, you can do it through our affiliate store. Here you will find the best prices on the market and a wide variety of brands.

On the other hand; Currently the best anti-bumping lock on the market is considered to be the Tesa TK100; thanks to the fact that he has proven himself unbreakable multiple times. But we cannot say the same of the previous models, which have lower security systems; such is the case with the TE60 and TE80. For those we can find keys named “Bumping key Tesa, with which we will have the possibility of opening these locks without major complications. Like common bumping keys, we can purchase these in our affiliate store; with a price ranging between 7 and 15 euros.

General conclusions

Although bumping keys are allies that we should have in emergencies, we must be fully aware of the insecurity gap that they bring to our day-to-day life. It is estimated that 80% of home robberies take place thanks to the use of the bumping method; all due to its simplicity and that it does not leave any type of trace. That is also a problem as insurance companies cling to that to avoid paying. As if we didn’t have enough in that case. Well, things like this turn these tools into double-edged weapons; But they are still extremely useful if they are put to proper use.


The objective of this article is to provide a simple, fast and comfortable alternative; to people who need to open a lock, in order to solve a problem. Not the opposite, that in case you think you are going to commit a crime, think that the weight of the law may fall on you.

Use a bumping key only on locks that you own or with the explicit authorization of their owners. Take into consideration that carrying or using this tool in public spaces may be frowned upon by other people or by the authorities. Remember that trespassing, damage to private property, invasion of private property, theft, theft and misappropriation; they are criminal offenses.

Pick a Lock in SECONDS with a Bump Key

Pick a Lock in SECONDS with a Bump Key

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