> Celebrity robberies are targets of thieves

Thefts from celebrities are targets of thieves

There are many types of thieves in the world: petty, white collar, cyber-thieves, pickpockets and the most exclusive; Those who only steal valuables from luxury properties.

Some criminals are very clear about what they want and are not satisfied with committing their misdeeds in the residential areas of a lifetime. These have hit higher, so they only target people with high economic positions.

In recent years, celebrities they have become the target of these criminals; Due not only to the great fortunes they possess, but it is also quite easy to obtain details of their private lives. Luxury mansions, jewelry, cash, exclusive clothing, expensive cars, paintings by famous painters, or priceless objects; they are just some of the belongings that the wealthiest people in the world own.

These details make celebrities the target of any “exclusive thief”; just like Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief.

As we just mentioned, the celebrities
They are used to publicly sharing their day-to-day life and this action provides criminals with first-rate details about their private lives. Details with which they can sneak into their mansions and appropriate the most expensive they find. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 13 most famous celebrity robberies of the last decades:

Famous: The Thieves’ New Target

  • Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac

While the couple was having dinner in the garden with David Valldeperas (director of the series Sálvame), at his home in Valdealgua; a gang of criminals managed to sneak into his home. In the robbery they managed to get € 700 in cash and 16 brand watches.

Fortunately, the robbery was thwarted by the Civil Guard who managed to arrest the gang when they were preparing to leave the country by air.

  • Képler Laverán Lima Ferreira (Pepe)

The FC Porto player was the victim of a robbery in his chalet, while he was playing with him Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu. Pepe’s residence was completely robbed, while the player watched a match against Auxerre from the bench. In the crime, the thieves managed to make a loot of more than € 50,000 between jewels, cash and technological equipment.

The businesswoman was also a victim of insecurity, when a gang of criminals quietly broke into her home on the Paseo de La Habana, in Cuba. On the spot, they managed to steal priceless personal items and canvases; such as El Columpio, a work by Goya valued at 13 million euros.

While he was staying at a hotel in Valencia; A man impersonated the reggaeton, thus skipping all the security controls that the singer has. With this action, the thief managed to steal more than 2 million euros between diamonds and jewels.

The star of reality show Keeping out with the Kardashians, he suffered an armed robbery when 9 hooded men entered his hotel room in Paris, France. By intimidating her with firearms, they managed to take away jewels valued at more than 10 million euros.

While singing at a concert, Canadian rapper Drake was the victim of a robbery? A young woman was captured entering his property, to get a bottle of soda and a sweatshirt from the singer. Although it was not a millionaire robbery, it shows the vulnerability of the Canadian residence.

The British supermodel suffered one of the worst celebrity robberies, as thieves broke into her home while she and her family slept peacefully. Among the stolen items was a portrait of the model by street artist Banksy valued at 100,000 euros.

The 2009 Formula 1 world champion, Jenson Button and his then-wife, Jessica Michibata; They were vacationing at his home in Saint Tropez, on the French Riviera; when thieves injected sleeping gas through the air conditioning vent, leaving them sound asleep.

Next, the gang of thieves entered the home to seize all the valuables that the marriage brought with them; including Michibata’s engagement ring. All the items stolen totaled $ 460,000 USD.

The singer’s mansion in Los Angeles, California; has been visited by criminals on two occasions. The first time, they took several personal items, including the engagement ring that Liam Hemsworth had given her. The second, the thugs seized a Maserati Quattroporte valued at 100,000 euros.

The heiress to the Hilton emporium has been a victim of thieves throughout her life; They have stolen bags, bikinis, photos, jewelry, among other personal items. But in 2008, a gang known as The Bling Ring raided Paris’s Malibu home along with the properties of many others. celebrities. The crime was such that the director Sofia Coppola made a film whose plot was based on these events.

The comedy film actor suffered when he discovered how some thugs entered his home and took, among other things, a card of baseball player Willie Mays, valued at more than $ 180,000 USD.

The director suffered the theft of a red Chevrolet Malibu, a car he used in the filming of his most famous film: Pulp Fiction. The vehicle appeared twenty years after its disappearance, in the parking lot of a school.

Finally, one of the most peculiar robberies. The soccer star was robbed in 2006, when he was still a Real Madrid player; a BMW valued at 100,000 euros. The funny thing is that it appeared a year later, forming part of the fleet of cars of the Macedonian Council of Ministers.

As you can see, they are thefts where the objective is to get the most money in the shortest amount of time possible. An important detail to take into account is how providing personal information to common knowledge can be so detrimental to the security of our homes.

The 4 most famous robberies in history

If you want to know the most famous robberies in history, be sure to read the following mini list:

The day before the coalition bombed Iraq, Saddam Hussein sent his son on a retreat with a handwritten note. The banking operation would take 5 hours and they would manage to get hold of 1 billion dollars in cash. As of today, $ 350 million is still considered lost.

  • Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston

Listed as the largest art theft in history; the thieves disguised as policemen, managed to seize a loot valued at more than 300 million euros. Among the 13 stolen paintings are paintings by Vermeer, Rembrandt and Degas.

  • Antwerp Diamond Center

In the best-planned and most executed robbery of all time, a gang of robbers managed to seize a loot of more than 100 million euros without even leaving a trace.

  • Glasgow train robbery

The most important robbery of the 20th century, in which they managed to steal 2.6 million pounds sterling (about 3 million euros). Currently the loot would be equivalent to 50 million euros.

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