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Change metal door lock

Surely you are thinking that changing the lock on a metal door is a complex task; but let us tell you that it’s not how you imagine it. The degree of difficulty is almost the same as if we were working on a wooden door; So if you have the right metalworking tools, changing the lock can be fairly straightforward.

In most casesWhen keys are lost in public places, the lock breaks due to wear or we decide to install a new high-security cylinder; we proceed to contact a professional locksmith to provide us with your services and make the change. But unfortunately, we do not always have the capital necessary to pay the fees or simply, we want to do the work on our own.

Next, we will teach you step by step how to change the lock on a steel door. Whether at home or in your business, you can save you a good amount of money following the instructions below:

Step by step: How to change a metal door lock

As in any locksmith job, the main thing is that you work comfortably, orderly and calmly; for optimal results. To get started, you will need to get hold of the following tools:

  • Hammer.
  • Meter or tape measure.
  • Electric drill.
  • Screwdriver according to the screws of the locks.
  • Special drill bits for drilling metals 2 1/8 “or 5.5cm.
  • New lock.
  • Safety goggles

PART 1. Remove the old lock

Step 1: Start by removing the screw that holds the lever in place. Once removed, proceed to remove the trim with the help of the screwdriver; For this task, move the piece up and down until you see it begin to give.

Step 2: Remove the bowler, removing the screws that hold it. For this step, the most comfortable thing is to have the door open; as it will considerably facilitate the removal of the bowler. After loosening it, put some pressure on it until it pops out.

Step 3: Now, finish removing all the elements of the lock that could be on the door. Unscrew each of the screws, remove the rivets and other floating parts. You may find it a bit difficult to pry them off with the screwdriver, so you could easily break them with the electric drill.

PART 2. Locating the new lock

With the help of the meter or a tape measure, you should take the following measurements:

Step 1: From the bottom of the door, towards the top; It measures 1.06 meters. Now also measure the distance of the lock that you will install, from the inner edge of the door to the area where it will finally go.

Step 2: Using an awl and hammer, make a small mark where the lock will be centered. This must be related to the previous measurement (1.06 meters).

Step 3: Now, proceed to repeat the same step but on the outside of the door. Measure again the distance of 1.06 meters high and the space in which the lock will go from the edge, taking as a reference the measurement used inside. This way you can perfectly center the lock.

PART 3. Drilling the door

Step 1: Using the electric drill, shod with a 2 1/8 ”steel or metal drill bit; start drilling a hole in the mark on the inside side of the door that you made on the Step 2 from the front. In this step remember to use your protective glasses; as highly eye-damaging metal particles could fly away.

Step 2: Drill from the inside of the door to the outside slowly. If you notice that the drill is overheating, stop for a moment or use a synthetic lubricant on the surface.

PART 4. Checking the Door Edge Material

Part 1: Although it may seem strange or implausible, many steel doors have a wooden trim. This characteristic has been established by the manufacturers, to facilitate the installation of the locks; although we can also find doors with a metallic edge.

Step 2: Determine what the compound of your door edge is and set a bit according to the material. For a steely edge, you will need to use a 1 ”or 2.5cm hole punch. While for wood edges you can use a 1 ”or 2.5cm bit that is resistant.

Step 3: Now, proceed to drill the hole just above the mark you made from the edge of the door.

PART 5. Installing the new lock

Step 1: Taking as reference the holes you have made, begin to install the entire mounting system of the new cylinder. To fix it correctly in the hole you made in the edge of the door, you will need to use the 2 screws that come in the installation kit for the new lock.

Step 2: Locate the cylinder or cylinder in the lock. Remember that you must locate the piece in which the key is entered, on the outer side of the door. While the handle or latch must be installed on the inside. Secure both pieces with the longer screws that came in the new lock kit. To make the procedure even easier, feel free to read the installation manual that is usually included in the kits.

Ready! Now are you ready to change the lock from your metal door with these simple Steps. Remember at all times use safety equipment and work very carefully.

How to install a new door lock on a steel door

How to install a new door lock on a steel door

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