> Differences between double palette locks and european cylinder


This question is very common, many wonder how to distinguish between these two types of security pieces to know which one is more suitable for the needs of a home.

The main difference is the structure, the double vane have a single body, that is why you always have to buy, assemble and change them in the same block. Many come in “bit packs” which are basically different levers that are actuated with the stroke of the double-bladed wrench.

Double paddle lock

On the other hand, those with a European cylinder are formed in two different bodies, consisting of the lock itself and the cylinder that goes inside, which comes separately. In the second case, two items are purchased.

How to identify which of these locks a door is using?

The main trick is to observe the type of key you use. The double vane is a long cylinder with a plate located at the tip that protrudes to the sides, while the European cylinder are those that are serrated in the traditional style. Of course, you can look directly at the key or the keyhole to see which of these two types would fit respectively.

Whats A Euro Cylinder? – How Do I Tell What’s What ?

Whats A Euro Cylinder? – How Do I Tell What’s What ?

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