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Diantibumping bulb ferences – They are all safe

Among the best methods to protect homes, businesses and offices; we have the anti-bumping locks. These devices have been specially designed to deal with criminals’ favorite weapon: the bumping technique.

According to statistics provided by the police force, 80% of the robberies that are carried out are perpetrated using the bumping method. Therefore, have a lock that has this specific layer of protection; Not only will it make it difficult for thieves, but it will increase our security.

If you want to know the difference between anti-bumping bulbs, their security levels and prestigious brands; continue reading. In this article we will tell you everything what you need to know about anti-bumping bulbs. Alright, let’s get started!

Anti-bumping bulbs: Are they all safe?

The main function of this type of light bulbs is to offer consumers the benefit of enjoying greater security in the areas where they have been installed. This achievement is possible, thanks to the fact that they prevent criminals from using the bumping technique to force the cylinder and enter the houses.

But, although they are very safe; It would be a mistake to declare that anti-bumping bulbs are 100% safe; since with a lot of skill, time and knowledge, they can be violated. Be careful, there are few people who could commit this feat; so it is possible, but quite unlikely.

It should be noted that if you intend to protect your property against crime, it is best to install a security lock. These have the ability to protect against all the systems most used by thieves such as lock picks, drill, lever, extraction and of course, bumping. It is proven that if after 2 or 3 minutes, a thief has not forced a door, he will leave and go to the next house. This is because the more time you spend forcing a cylinder, the more chance it has of being discovered. These circumstances make it necessary to install a good lock that guarantees that our property will be safe at all times.

Are all anti-bumping bulbs the same?

Although all anti-bumping cylinders have been designed to provide a maximum level of protection; we must consider that not all have the same manufacturing quality and that they do not have the same level of security.

In the market we can find quite cheap anti-bumping bulbs that possibly prevent thieves from entering our home once, but that probably end up destroyed due to damage. Although generally we should not trust the premise that establishes “that what is expensive is better”, in the case of light bulbs it will be necessary; since the best ones tend to have quite high costs. But, avoiding the scare and the bad time of being victims of a robbery, it will be completely worth every penny. Determining if an anti-bumping lock is secure can be easier than it sounds. To find out, you will first have to look at the number of bolts it has; the more you have, the safer it will be. The best bulbs have 8, even 8 double bolts. Another characteristic feature is the keys, which do not have teeth like ordinary ones; but a special system of points to open these designs. These characteristics make this type of light bulbs almost impossible to force.

Types, characteristics and prices

Although there is a wide range of anti-bumping bulbs on the market, we can include them in 3 different types: security locks, supplementary locks and invisible locks.

Safety locks

They are the favorites of consumers, due to the great benefits they provide after installation. In this category are the bulbs that hold the titles of best safety bowler and best lock of the year. Among the safest, best valued and highest quality we have:

  • Tesa TK100 € 95 EUR.
  • Lynx C6 and C6w € 51 EUR.
  • Tesa TX80 € 46 EUR.
  • Lynx XLC6 7 930 € 53 EUR.

Invisible bolts

Although they are little known, these locks are capable of providing great benefits to the rooms where they are installed. The advantage is in the design of the bulb, which is completely invisible to criminals. Consequently, they have no way to violate it. Among the best models we have:

  • Lynx Supra Tronik 4940 TK € 179 EUR.
  • Remock Lockey Pro € 181 EUR.
  • Wafu Lock € 174 EUR.
  • Invisible SELOCKEY € 135 EUR.

TOP 5: The best anti-bumping brands

Due to their great advances in security, these brands have patented designs and systems based on the protection of properties. Among the products they handle we can find bowlers, locks, shields and more. The most prestigious brands are:

  • Tesa.
  • Mauer.
  • Lynx.
  • Keso.
  • Kaba

Tips for buying an anti-bumping bulb

If you have made the decision to change your cylinder for one that offers greater security, it is best to do it for one that guarantees maximum protection. In this way you will have the certainty that your home, business or office will be protected against crime.

In case you do not have a comfortable budget to buy a new anti-bumping bulb, you could buy an inexpensive one. While not the most recommended option, a poor quality anti-bumping lock is better than none.

On the other hand, it is essential that you evaluate the characteristics of your door; since if this is weak, it will not matter much which cylinder you install. A good front door should be capable of itself, offer a good dose of protection. If you have a wooden door, it must be solid and made of resistant woods such as pine, walnut or cedar. Otherwise, before deciding to buy a better light bulb, it would be better to start by changing your door for a security, armored or armored one.

In case you already have a good front door, the next step will be to acquire a high security anti-bumping light bulb. Try to shield it, additionally installing a good protection shield, in this way you will protect the cylinder even more. Currently, the best shields on the market belong to the Lince brand.

Finally, if you want maximum protection, follow our advice to install a modern maximum security deadbolt. These devices guarantee protection against all methods used by crime such as picking, bumping, extraction, drilling or breaking. The only thing you should pay attention to is that they have the UNE-ENE 1303 security certification.

Most of the robberies fail thanks to these types of bulbs; since the thieves are forced to flee before being discovered. So having a good lock is the formula perfect to protect our properties. If you still have doubts about the effectiveness of these devices, think about the benefits and the peace of mind that will give you knowing that your home will be protected and that you will be able to leave the house or sleep peacefully every day.

Lock Bumping in Slow Motion

Lock Bumping in Slow Motion

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