> Electric and magnetic locks advantages and disadvantages

Electric and magnetic locks advantages and disadvantages

Safety will always be an important axis in our lives, be it in the domestic or professional sphere, peace of mind and even physical well-being are things that we will always pursue and seek.

If you are at home, the most logical thing is that when you leave your home to go to work or some other place, you should feel that you can do any other activity even if you leave the house alone and without any worries. can you take your time to come back And find it well, right? Well, if you do not feel this way when you leave the house, it is important that you learn more about what types of locks provide that confidence and security that you need.

In the search for that serenity and comfort, today the types of locks have varied a lot, they are no longer simple door handles, on the contrary, the ingenuity for the creation of new locks has increased in all its variants, this is the case of the “Electric Locks” and the “Magnetic Locks”.

If you wonder which one is better than the other, first of all, you should know what each of these two locks are about, since, like everything else, each of them fulfills a different function and you may be more inclined towards one than the other. .

The purpose is that you clear doubts and choose the ones that therefore best suit what you are looking for, and obviously that it reflects this protection and invulnerability that you need so much in your life.

Electric locks

This class of locks fulfill the function of closing and opening the security lock, what does this mean? That we can very easily open and close a door through the use of electric current, a characteristic that makes it quite practical since we can carry out its action without getting up from the chair and walking to the door to open it manually.

Electric locks can be used on various types of doors such as, for example: wood, iron or wrought iron, glass, aluminum or PVC, exterior doors (such as those of the home). So you can install it locally, offices, home.

How do electric locks work? In a fairly simple way you can choose the one that best suits your comfort, it can be operated both automatically and manually, also through remote systems, card readers, access control devices and even remote controls.

So evidently the electric lock replaces any conventional key making it more secure and impossible to make a copy of the key to be able to break the door and access it without permission.

Advantages of the electric lock

  • Provide the security you are looking for.
  • You will not go through tedious moments when losing keys.
  • They are programmable.
  • Virtually impossible for thieves and intruders to violate your privacy, these locks are high-tech.
  • You are the only one who can control access.
  • Limited access may be given to staff, depending on how it is scheduled.
  • You can go on a trip and leave the home or office completely alone and with confidence since it will be well protected with this system.

Disadvantages of the electric lock

  • They are generally quite expensive.
  • If an electrical failure occurs, this will create great inconvenience for us.
  • Some models do not have a battery backup in the event of a power failure.

Magnetic locks

They are also often called “Electromagnetic locks”
which is made up of two parts: electromagnet and induced plate what is this about? We explain, the electromagnet is adjusted to the frame and, on the other hand, the plate to the door.

However What is the functionality of these two parts? Its function means that when the electromagnet is energized, a magnetic flux begins to be created that allows the armature plate to attract the electromagnet, as a result, this causes the door opening to be blocked. When no electrical current is received, it allows the door to open completely.

Its mechanism is quite particular and even practical, since just pressing a button will cause the power supply to be cut off for a few seconds, thus allowing the door to open.

It may sound a bit different or new to you in this class of locks, but the truth is that it is often widely used in many companies, and you will also have noticed it on various occasions, such as in banks.

Understanding its operation, you should know that There are two types that apply to this lock, the first is from “blocking” This means that, if there is a power cut, it will remain completely closed, which generates more security and no one will be able to enter. The second of kind “No blocking”are used mostly for emergency doors, so that if there is a power outage and an emergency occurs such as a fire, these can remain open so that people can leave.

Advantages of magnetic locks

  • Its magnetism function generates security and confidence.
  • Conventional keys are not used.
  • It does not generate electrical sparks.
  • Its installation is quite easy and can even be done by yourself.
  • Some can be opened directly with the mobile.
  • You can install it on almost any type of door.
  • Some include fingerprint recognition.

Disadvantages of magnetic locks

  • Due to its high technology, it makes the acquisition of this lock expensive, but the security you will get for it will be indescribable.
  • It requires electrical energy to fulfill its functionality.
  • Some doors can open in the event of a power outage.

Knowing all this, you only have to go to places where these types of locks are sold, and acquire the one that you think is most convenient for your home or office. Remember that the fact that it is an expensive lock, they provide security if they are used and installed properly.

Today the important thing is that we feel safe leaving our homes and workplace alone, so that we can have more peace of mind when carrying out other activities without any problem.

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