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Fac security bolt

Fac security bolt is an iron bar that can be cylindrical or rectangular used on a trimmed cast iron sheet and that is inserted horizontally between two staples by means of a knob. Locks are used on doors, and do not normally fit inside doors.

The variety of existing models in the market of security fac bolt They are used to close and adjust the door or window with its frames, and another way it has is that those that have double blades are to adjust one with the other said leaves.

Recommendations on the fac security bolt

Fac security latch fits most doors
armored doors, and also in other doors, that is why the most ideal is to verify if it can be installed, locks have always been a complement to doors giving greater protection and security. Due to the good results it has given, it is imitated.

It is very common that Let’s think about wanting to increase the security level and the security fac bolt is the best optionBecause it is like a pill that everyone wants to take, it is like a medicine that works for a whole universe of people. However, the security of each door is different.

When we make the decision to install a lock it is very important that we consult with a professional to study the weaknesses of the doors and, as the case may be, reinforce the weak points and evaluate according to the conditions if it is necessary or not. install a security fac bolt.

And if we want to be sure that we are well protected, it is suggested that the size of the security fac bolt is smaller than the lock, and everything related to the functionalities of the models may not be indicated by the professional specialist in the area.

Fac security bolts

The customary decorative lock designs have the generosity that in each replacement case the perforations in the door are taken advantage of. But in what at one time is a splendor, it can turn into a flaw, so if a good job is not done, the holes can give way and produce leverage.

A security fac bolt it will always be good, as long as it has been checked and strengthened in its first closing system. The security of a door it cannot be solely under the responsibility of a fac bolt and in any of its models.

How many types of security fac locks are there?

Simple: They are the ones that allow the door to be closed on one side only, it is the least secure of all the existing models on the market. They are very inexpensive, easy to install.

Double: They are safer than simple locks, the key can be used to open on both sides and the same key allows you to lock on both sides of the door.

Electronic: It is easy to use and very comfortable. It does not require the use of keys, they can be opened with a card or with a security code and, they are also done with a smartphone.

Now we will know the types of cylinders on the market:

  • Single Cylinder: This cylinder is not very safe compared to the others, although many people have it on their doors. This is a good option if you don’t have a lot of budget.
  • Double Cylinder: This type of cylinder is safer than the simple cylinder, but the main advantage of this cylinder is that the key can be used by both parties, and it greatly increases the security of the home that is why it is advisable to place it.
  • No need for a key: The vertical keyless model is structured in the form of a bar that locks onto the frame or the ground, to prevent other people from opening the door while the bolt is open. This is secured with great force and is better than the single and double.
  • Digital: The benefit of this lock is that it only moves digitally, it can be opened or closed by means of a card, a digital code, a mobile or fingerprint, this makes us more comfortable with the use of security fac bolt because we don’t have to carry anything to open or close.

What lock to place in the comfort of our home:

Fac 301 rp / 80: This model is adjusted for armored doors, the security level is highly secure, it is a fac security bolt that with the push of a button it will close and the cost will be offset by the quality and security it provides to the home.

Fac 946 rp / -80: The characteristics of the lock is that it is very complete and has a good price, in turn, it has an anti-bumping system to prevent friends of others from opening the door of our home. This lock has 6 security keys, a bar and a security button that prevents access while the lock is activated.

When this lock perceives that it is being forced will lock automatically, making it impossible for the offender to enter our home and carry out the theft. If the criminal realizes that you have this type of lock, he will surely not understand to enter because of the impossible to open and it will take a long time.

Lince 7930 bolt: It is of a recognized brand and a high security model, it has a powerful antibumping cylinder that is difficult to open without its appropriate key, the bolt is very complete and prevents any type of theft and its cost is very accessible, it has an internal lock and it does not allow the copying of the keys.

If we want to enjoy tranquility, we must have a security fac bolt that gives us the comfort of being safe, because it is not enough to have an alarm system, but it is essential that our access doors to our home have good locks.

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