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How a lock works to be able to open or close

The fundamental element in a lock is the light bulb, through this and the right key we will be able to open or close the lock.

how a lock and cylinder works to close or open a lock
how a light bulb works to close or open a lock IMAGE

The key is inserted through an opening in the front of the lock cylinder.

It is where there is an element known as a rotor, by which the insertion of the key is allowed.

Once the appropriate key has been inserted, the pins, counterpins and springs or springs, which have been moved and adjusted inside the cylinder, positioning themselves in line so as not to oppose resistance to the rotor, transmit the turn of the key towards the cam, actuated by the clutch which indicates which way to open the door. Either inside or outside.

Once the cam is in motion, it will rotate 360ยบ on itself, moving the latch of the lock, managing to close or open it depending on what we want to do.

Pin Tumbler Lock Works

Pin Tumbler Lock Works

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