> How and where to buy cheap blinds

How and where to buy cheap blinds

The blinds are elements capable of providing multiple benefits in the places where they are installed; Not only are they much more hygienic and easier to clean than curtains, but they can also provide privacy, regulate ambient light in spaces, or provide design touches.

Currently, there is a wide variety of blind models. The alternatives give you to choose between different types, materials, sizes, styles, layouts and other characteristics. So with security, we can say that there is the perfect blind for every personal taste or home.

If you have decided to modify the spaces in your house or it is time to replace the old blinds that you had installed, you have come to the right place. In this article we will provide you with a list of the best types of blinds for homes, models, prices and where you can buy them to save as much money as possible.

Where to buy cheap blinds?

Surely in hardware stores or stores that sell household items, you will find a wide variety of blinds available. But due to the expenses that every business must cancel, their prices are usually above other alternatives such as online purchases. This does not mean that you rush to buy from any “specialized” website you come across; on the contrary, these tend to be more expensive than the stores themselves.

To find the widest variety of blinds, at the best price and with the assurance that you will find a perfect model for your home; We recommend using Amazon. The giant of e-commerce It has an unbeatable variety of models and benefits such as:

  • Extremely competitive prices.
  • Multiple alternatives available.
  • Delivery times less than 14 days.
  • Safe shopping guarantee and buyer protection.
  • 100% quality and trust from the best brands.

1. Venetian blinds

They are the most common models to find in homes, due to the practicality of their design and the level of durability they have. They are characterized by having horizontal slats and an axis of rotation that allows them to be adjusted according to the preferred angle. The most used materials are aluminum (durability), wood (elegance) and PVC (variety of colors).

Model: Victoria M. aluminum

Material: Aluminum

Price: 43.99 EUR.

Best Features: The No. 1 in sales, clips for fixing without drilling and a variety of colors.

Model: Oak wood shutter window

Material: Oak wood)

Price: 64.95 EUR.

Best Features: 3-year warranty, durability, washable ease, and easy step-free assembly.

Model: Furnished PVC Venetian Blind

Material: PVC

Price: 9.99 EUR.

Best Features: 5 colors available, made to measure without additional charge and overlapping slats.

2. Thermal blinds

The current trend in the market, thanks to the eco-efficient characteristics that surround them. We can find models in which their aluminum slats are injected with polyurethane, which makes them thermal. These models provide other benefits such as reduced exterior noise and ease of use.

Model: Sol Royal reflect T42

Material: 100% polyester.

Price: 28,49 EUR.

Best Features: Mounting without drilling, double function for doors and windows, versatility of use for winter or summer and UV protection.

Model: Hengmei Velux

Material: Polyester and aluminum.

Price: 45.90 EUR.

Best Features: Easy installation, reliable darkening, heat reflection, multiple sizes available and a variety of colors.

3. Roman cascading blinds

Made in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, they are models appreciated for their beauty and freshness. They are usually designed from a single piece of fabric, grouped in horizontal lines.

Model: Simpvale 1 Roman style

Material: 100% polyester.

Price: 14.99 EUR.

Best Features: High quality with environmental dyeing, romantic lace, easy installation and breathable.

4. Vertical blinds

They have a design similar to the Venetian ones, having as a difference the direction in which the slats are arranged. They are usually used to give a feeling of height to spaces; they are also very decorative. We can find this model in a wide variety of materials such as wood, fabric, aluminum or PVC.

Model: Decoration New Style

Material: Smooth and translucent resin fabric.

Price: 172.81 EUR.

Best Features: More than 29 colors available, ease of installation, thanks to the resin-coated fabric, the maintenance required is minimal and the opening direction can be customized.

Model: Neuhaus Turquoise

Material: PVC, metal and fabric (100% polyester).

Price: 49.99 EUR.

Best Features: Perfect for decoration, it allows to adjust the intensity of the light, aluminum mechanical control and stabilizer chain.

5. Roller blinds

Being one of the most innovative models, it is not surprising that they have a higher value than the rest. These models have unmatched practicality; since, they screw on themselves in a storage free of dirt. In addition to protecting from UV rays, they are easily adaptable to spaces and surfaces, thus conferring neatness to spaces.

Model: Cheap Linen Premium Metal Blinds

Material: 100% polyester imitation linen.

Price: 111.00 EUR.

Best Features: It includes all the elements for its installation, allows the entry of light without losing privacy, made to measure, easy maintenance and an additional gift mechanism.

Model: Sun Royal Klemmfix P26

Material: Aluminum.

Price: 21.99 EUR.

Best Features: Adhesive mount mounting, adjustable width, extra rope set, and durability.

Model: Jardin202 Florence

Material: Dark walnut PVC

Price: 33.19 EUR.

Best Features: 100% personalized, a wide variety of sizes available and avant-garde design


6. Japanese paper blinds

Delicacy, minimalism and elegance; the best way to describe the first blinds mankind had. These models give spaces a harmonious, austere and neat feeling. Especially recommended for high and wide spaces such as access to gardens, terraces, patios or large windows.

Model: Home Fashion wollweib H Scherli Voile.

Material: Scherli gauze Japanese paper.

Price: 26.94 EUR.

Best Features: Includes clips and accessories for quick assembly.

Model: Japanese Style Zyr Rolls Tea House

Material: Japanese paper.

Price: 153, 17 EUR.

Best Features: UV protection, easy installation, customizable size and easy cleaning with a dry cloth.

7. Blinds blackout

Ideal for spaces such as rooms with home cinema, projections or rooms; These models prevent the entry of light into the spaces, granting a level of darkness of 100%. They are versatile, practical and easy to maintain.

Model: Beyond Drape Thermo DKL

Material: Graphite, polyester and thermal fabric.

Price: 26, 79 EUR.

Best Features: Installation without drilling thanks to the fixing brackets, thermal method resistant to UV rays and humidity, safe for children, special silver coating and easy maintenance.

There is a blind model for every home, person or need; find yours by analyzing the use you want to give it, the style of your house and your budget. The important thing is that it fulfills its function for many years.

JRB Blind Making Process Video

JRB Blind Making Process Video

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