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To know how a security lock works, first you have to know, what is a lock? And do not confuse other elements found on the doors.

What is a lock?

A lock is a mechanical device which offers security once installed and in perfect use.

This mechanism is normally made of metal. It requires its opening or closing by means of a suitable key and in principle unique for it.

Although everyone knows in a certain way or I want to think that they know that this is very difficult to occur in certain locks, due to the limited possible combinations that allow different keys to be manufactured.

The market rules and many times the original manufacture is exceeded.

Although it seems to be between being seen, it is not necessary to confuse a lock with a cylinder or cylinder, since they are different instruments. As you can see in the image.

HOW DOES A SECURITY LOCK WORK? lock, cylinder, bolt and shield
HOW DOES A SECURITY LOCK WORK? Security elements that are in contact with the bulb.

As you can see, the common element is the cylinder or light bulb, what is it that provides security to the lock and, this to the door and, in turn, this to the home or office, storage room, garage, etc.

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The cylinder is a device that allows the lock mechanism to turn. Being the origin of the turn the hand and the key.

This can be of various types, being prepared with greater or less security against criminal acts or intrusion methods.

The cylinder is the main device and the source of security at the door.

It requires periodic maintenance by a professional to maintain its proper use. Graphite powder or spray can be used for fine and light use of the faucet with the cylinder. Proceeding or to an opening and closing, no problems.

In the event of any obstacle, it is recommended that it be changed or put into correct operation.

The way the light bulb works is explained herealthough I do a brief explanation below.

It works in such a way that by matching the pins that are inside the cylinder, when inserting the key, they allow the inner cylinder to rotate, allowing a cam to actuate a mechanism that turns the latch to open or close the lock. and therefore the means of security.

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