> How does the safe of a hotel work?

How does the safe of a hotel work?

How does a hotel safe work?

When are we going to the hotels it is very common to use the safe that is inside the rooms to keep our most precious things and thus protect them from friends of others. They are usually a very helpful item to get rid of a worry while we give ourselves a well-deserved vacation.

But do you know how the hotel safe works?

Most hotels have an electronic safe for storing valuable items.

When a person checks in at a hotel and the room has safe, the user is given a password that is previously modified by hotel staff. With this code the guest can open and close the box without any problem and store their belongings.

Most of the hotels safes They are electronic, but sometimes we can get them manuals. Whatever your option, the hotel will provide you with a key or a code so that you can manage it. In the case of electronic ones, you can also configure your credit card and use it to open it.

These types of boxes are quite resistant and depending on their capacity, you can put all your valuables inside to be safeguarded and you can take them out without just using the key or the combination.

Now, the bad news we have for you is that various studies have confirmed that safes that are put in the Hotels They are not entirely safe, as it is enough to enter the factory master code to open the box and remove everything that is in it.

An investigation by a very famous electronics and security company showed that safes that are in hotels have a deficiency in their security system, after having analyzed a model that is widely used by large hotel chains in the world. In fact, they don’t recommend using them unless strictly necessary.

During the study, something that we mentioned above was tested, and that is that by entering the factory code of the boxes, people outside the room will be able to open it without any inconvenience.

And why is this happening? Well, sometimes, hotel administrators do not modify these codes and as a consequence thieves have it super easy when it comes to opening the box without having to force it.

But regardless of what your case is, do not forget that hotels offer you this service and you can be sure that your belongings will be safe but remember to at least change the code to be somewhat safer.

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