> How secure are double palette locks?

How secure are double palette locks?

Many people throughout Spain have gone through situations that lead them to reinforce their homes with new security methods and accessories. Today, thieves have new techniques to manipulate locks, so every time we need them to be innovated and reinvented.

We often hear how double bit locks are no longer secure, saying that ways have been found to open them thanks to the space in their bowler. However, this is not true, because locks of this type are still highly recommended among the options available on the market.


Advantages of double bit locks

  • They are resistant to “key bumping”: Unlike locks with a European cylinder, those with a double bit are immune to this technique. This is due to the way they are manufactured.
  • They are also resistant to drilling: The tool would have to be of a very large size so that it can extract the entire part. This type of locks is located on the inside of the door.
  • It is possible to electrify and motorize them: This means that they can be configured to be automated and ensure that it is always closed correctly, preventing it from being left open due to distraction or being rushed.

Disadvantages of double bit locks

I suppose you want to see the disadvantages because not everything is only advantages and insurance in life, there are disadvantages and a lot of insecurity. You can continue to see how easy it is to open a double bit lock here

Double Door Security Vulnerability

Double Door Security Vulnerability

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