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Elements of a box

The security of a home or business can be completed with the
installation of a safe.
The safe makes it difficult to steal small objects and documents, while hiding them from other people’s curiosity.
When purchasing a safe, it is important to choose the size
more suitable for the objects that you want to keep in it and with
benefits adapted to the needs that its users wish to cover.
Although the location of the box in the home or premises is a decision
personnel, correct installation is always necessary to
prevent the box from being easily stolen.
The safes available on the market can be flush-mounted boxes or overlay boxes, depending on whether they are installed flush in a wall or are screwed onto a surface.
This project file is dedicated to the installation of a built-in safe.

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Link to the manual on how to embed a safe

Swedish army style safety box (Home made steel/concrete safe)

Swedish army style safety box (Home made steel/concrete safe)

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