> How to change a round bowler hat

How to change a round bowler hat

There are many reasons that can lead us to have to change the bowler of a door. Among the most common is the breakage of the key due to deterioration, loss or theft of the key or, that we have broken the latter and in a desperate attempt to extract it, we have ended up breaking our bowler hat.

Whatever the case, the first thing you will have to do is determine if just by changing the cylinder you will have it resolved or, if it is necessary, also change the lock. If you are not used to doing locksmith work, you may be a bit confused at this point; the cylinder is the mechanism in which we insert the key to open the door through the lock. That is, you insert the key into the cylinder and it activates the lock that allows you to finally open the door.

Although most of the bowlers that can be changed are those with a European profile (which are pear-shaped); but it is also possible to change the round ones also called swiss profile, which we will explain shortly. But first, it is essential that you understand that changing the bowler means having to change the keys as well, so be prepared for it. Alright, let’s get started then!

Advantages and considerations of changing the bowler

Changing your bowler hat may be more beneficial than you think; since it will allow you to install a new device that will surely be much safer than the previous one, so you will have more protection in your home, office or business. In addition, this feeling of tranquility is doubled if the reason for the change is that we have lost our keys. Before buying the new cylinder, it is essential that you make sure about the thickness of your door; since this must be the same or similar to that of the bowler. Also, you will have to look at the diameter of the bowler, because it must necessarily coincide with the door. In addition, you should also take precautions about the installation process, it must be optimal for the space in which it will be placed.

Step by step: How to change a round bowler hat

Changing a bowler is relatively easyor, you just have to follow the following steps to the letter and work very carefully. Next, we show you how:

Step 1: You must be completely sure that it is possible to change the cylinder of the lock installed on the door. Look at the edge of the door, at the height of the lock; There you should find two screws between the weigher that closes and opens the door when you turn the cylinder with the key. If you find the screws, it means that you can change the bowler.

Step 2: Once you have located the screws, identify the size and type of screwdriver you will need, if it has a spade or grooves (which is shaped like an asterisk or a cross). Then, proceed to unscrew them.

Step 3: Insert the opening key into the cylinder and turn it approximately 25 °. You must repeat this action to the left and right until you can remove the bowler.

Step 4: If after a couple of minutes trying the previous step, you notice that the cylinder is static; it is most likely stuck in the door handle. To solve this, you will have to loosen the screw that is located on the handle and redo the step 3.

Step 5: If you have not been successful with the previous step, it is best to proceed to disassemble the door handle so as not to have any obstacles. When you have to place it again, perform the step 3.

Step 6: Once you have the old bowler in your hands, proceed to install the new one in the same way as the old one. To do this, you must place it in the door lock, with its key placed inside until it fits into the hole for the bowler.

Step 7: Proceed to place the screws that will hold the lock and the cylinder, once presented, tighten them tightly with the help of the screwdriver.

Step 8: Finally, turn the key normally and check that the cylinder is 100% operational and working perfectly.

How much does it cost to change a bowler hat?

There are many factors that determine the cost of a home service; being able to influence the location, the day, the hour, the urgency and even the professional. Whatever the case, it is estimated that a locksmith in Spain can charge up to € 85 to change a bowler.

Logically, there will be professionals who will have lower rates that better suit our pockets; But if not, the best solution will be to learn to change them on our own. Bear in mind that it is a fairly simple task, so you can do it yourself without any complications.

When to change a bowler hat?

A priori, the best reason to change a bowler hat is when we are concerned about the safety of our properties. The venue in which we spend most of our time, whether it is resting, working or performing professionally; they are all places where we must feel complete tranquility and security. For this reason, it is essential that Let’s take property protection seriously. In this way, no criminal will dare to force our bowlers.

Another situation in which bowlers should be changed is when we move to a new house or apartment; whether owned or rented. The reason is that we do not know who has lived there or what situations have occurred. We really don’t know if someone previously lost their key and it fell into the wrong hands. These types of situations can be potentially very dangerous, so the best solution is to prevent and change the bowler.

Finally, the biggest advantage of changing the cylinder is that we do not need to make a big change in our lock or door; So not only will we save a couple of hours of work, but we will also save a good dough.

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