> How to change the community portal lock

How to change the community portal lock

With the crime waves hitting more every day, security becomes an issue of great importance in neighborhood communities and urban planning; being this one of owners’ biggest concerns.

As such, the security of the dwellings begins at the access doors of the buildings or gates, in the case of urbanizations; that is to say, in the elements of locksmith. All this means that, to have a good protection system, you need to invest in devices that reduce the chances of intrusion.

According to a study carried out by the police, 70% of the access doors in neighboring communities have a common lock, which can be opened in less than 2 minutes using the bumping method. In addition, 80% of the portals lack a security lock system.

If we stop to think about the number of sets of keys that are handled in the building to access common spaces, such as the portal or the elevators; we will realize that the probability that they get lost is enormous. Given the number of copies of keys that are in circulation, the percentage of insecurity is almost double the number of apartments that the unit contains.

Tips for Increasing Security on the Community Portal

  • The access lock must be up-to-date, to deal with the new intrusion methods used by crime.
  • Hire the services of a professional locksmith to perform periodic and preventive maintenance on the doors and locks of the building. In this way, you will be sure that each item is in perfect condition. In addition, there will be a contact for emergencies.
  • Changing the old mechanical system for an electronic one will increase security and access control in the community portal. This measure will bring benefits such as reducing the cost of uncontrolled copying or duplication of keys.
  • Request the quality certification of the locks installed on the portal. In addition, in case of installing electronic locks, the batteries must be changed conveniently before the indicated date or annually.

How to choose the best lock for your community portal

In the current market we can find hundreds of different models of locks, but the best one for the portal of our community will be, the one that is capable of covering all the needs of the neighbors. A good lock must be able to provide security against the various intrusion methods used by criminals, withstand multiple daily knocks, survive inclement weather, and be tough enough not to need a change for years. Here are the best types of locks for the community portal:

Electromechanical locks

These models work using electric automatic opening mechanisms, which are connected to an electrical network generated by a transformer. Electromechanical locks can be operated with a button, located inside the building; in addition, you can also use a remote control or key, in the case of garage doors. For failures or temporary power outages, these locks keep doors closed and locked.

Electromagnetic locks

These mechanical locks are designed to ensure a correct evacuation in the places where they are installed. The electromagnetic ones, work by means of a magnetic device that before the interruption of electrical power, will unlock the door.

This means that, depending on the needs of the residents of the building, you can choose to install an electromechanical or electromagnetic lock.

Digital locks

This new security system allows access only to people who have authorization; which is a great option for communities that want to curb excessive key copies.

With this model of key, it is possible to regulate the access of people who are only passing through. For example, you can grant access to cleaners only at a certain time, or configure your key only for 24 hours. It is also a great option in the event of a loss; as only the keys would have to be reconfigured, rather than requesting new sets for all the neighbors.

Increase security and control of the locking system

In the event that the portal has a mechanical or standard lock installed, the best measure to increase security will be to install a protection mechanism in the lock. Also, the old cylinder can be replaced by an electronic lock.

These actions will bring immediate changes to the security of the building; since, the locksmith will be improving. On the other hand, electromagnetic or electromechanical locks can also be installed to activate the locks remotely.

Protection systems for mechanical locks

Nowadays, it has become an increasingly common practice to install additional protection systems in home locks. The most common model is the protection shield; being the most installed the model of the Lince brand. This action has also reached the community portals, so below, we present the protection systems with the best results:

  • Protection shields: It consists of the installation of a steel shield that protects both the cylinder and the current lock from violent attacks by crime such as: extraction, breakage or drilling.
  • Anticipated protection with alarm: They work in a similar way to protection shieldsThe only difference being that they have a built-in alarm that is activated in the event of an attack.

Services requested from lock maintenance companies

It is necessary to have the services of a maintenance company, so that in case of an emergency, you have a trusted staff that can come as soon as possible to solve the problem. Additionally, they may be asked to:

  • Installation of the lock model chosen by the community of neighbors.
  • Reinforcement of locks.
  • Replacement or repair of locks.
  • Keys training and configuration.
  • Remote control coding.
  • Technical safety inspection.
  • Periodic and preventive maintenance of the closing systems.
  • Emergency locksmith services.

Take into consideration that all decisions made must have the approval of 3/4 of the owners. The main thing will always be to confer and increase the comfort, safety and well-being of the community. When in doubt, the expert opinion of a professional locksmith can be sought.

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