> How to cut a card to open a door

How to cut a card to open a door

Every day new things are learned, either voluntarily or because a difficult situation or moment forces us to do so. That you have to open a door of your business, home or office, and you cannot because you do not have keys or it is stuck, is one of those moments.

But don’t worry about that, you can always resort to some tricks that will allow you to solve the situation, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. The key is not to despair and learn how to cut a card to open a door, for example.

Fortunately for you, in this article, we’ll show you how to cleverly improvise to open the door.

When is it necessary to cut a card?

Let’s say it always can be, because the cutting on the cards is done to easily locate focus points at the moment to open a door. Experts assure that it is a good trick for those who are new to it, if this is your case, this is your best tool.

Steps you must follow to cut a card

When carrying out any project, it is necessary to always bear in mind how important it is to follow the steps conscientiously, since the success of the project depends on the procedure. The same happens with this, and that is why we recommend that you take note of everything.

To begin, you have to find the tools that will provide the necessary support, as well as, get some materials that can be for domestic use, which is good news for you.

  • Find large, fairly sharp scissors. A knife, scalpel or any sharp object you may have may also be useful, but go to a friend who can offer you an alternative.
  • Access its use as long as you have the ability to handle them expertly, since you run the risk that everything will go wrong and you incur an accident that puts you in danger or damages the material. We don’t want that!
  • You continue with a card, in general, it is recommended to use credit cards that are no longer used, because if it is a useful asset, you will not be able to recover it once you cut it, so keep these details in mind.

Also, if you don’t have a credit card, you can replace it with a prepared or telephone card. You should also know that the use of cards is not limiting, since a plastic is an option; clear that the characteristics would have to be the same: versatile size and with flexibility.

  • If you have markers within reach, that would be great, since we can trace the shape we are looking for on the card and we do not run as much risk of damaging it. Think of it as similar to making crafts.
  • So, in this way, you will seek to draw two lines diagonally, but that are opposite, right in the center of the card. The idea is to make a shape of the letter V. If you prefer, you can make a square, it will still serve our purpose.
  • With the scissors or razor we proceed to cut the shape that we already made, taking care not to affect the edges that are discovered. The main thing here is that it be as perfect as you can.

There is a trick that can guarantee such perfection, although its implementation is a bit dangerous, since it consists of burning the freshly trimmed edges with a tinderbox, to smooth out the damage and make it very even.

As long as the card is still soft, with the help of a piece of common plastic or the card itself, you file those edges and that’s it. Take all precautions to avoid further damage, wear heat resistant gloves.

  • After having done the whole process, it can be said that you already have a card cut and ready to be used in the work of opening a door.

But it is necessary to tell you that this technique cannot be used in any type of lock because some are really difficult.

If with this ruco you want to open the door quickly, you will achieve it as long as the lock does not have the safety on, if so, it will not work.

Keep a positive mind during the elaboration process, do not forget that you will do it because you need to access a certain space urgently and therefore, as you are not a professional, it is the best option.

How to open the door with the cut card

It often happens that, after having cut the card, you do not know how to use the method that will lead you to open your door. But you already have what you need, the card.

  • You take the card and slide it through the gap between the door and the frame. From the top you slowly lower the card until it is located above the lock.
  • There you will seek to make contact with the slip, a piece that maintains the closure between door and frame. Fortunately, this task will be easier than you imagine, because as previously we have already cut the card, it will be a matter of minutes.
  • With the space in V or square, the aim is to hook the latch and take it to its original place located in the lock. When you do, try to keep a barrier between the skid and the frame so that it doesn’t re-encapsulate.
  • With your free hand, turn the doorknob in the opening direction. If it doesn’t open, you may need other incentives, such as knocking on the door with your body. Everything must be synchronized, taking into account all the details.

Sometimes the struggle contributes its own, with movements forwards and backwards, always trying to use the right force, not to exceed it.

With all this, the door will be able to open right away. If not, do not despair, keep as much patience as possible and repeat the procedure, perhaps you are skipping some detail and it is making a difference at this time because this is an effective procedure that guarantees good results.



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