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What can make a door lock useless? Why would someone do something like that?… But, the locks are to open right? The answer to everything is this, is that it really is something that many people do and it is very normal, in fact, it can be applied to numerous situations or circumstances that warrant that any type of lock needs to be blocked to prevent its opening.

Tell me Have you ever wanted to keep a door closed? Prevent someone else from wanting to enter your house, room, office? Or maybe you want to keep your business completely closed and beyond having a lock you want to lock it and make it unusable so that no person outside of you or even a family member wants to go overboard and enter with a second key; for whatever reason as long as it is for good intention and is a lock of yours, you can apply certain methods to disable a door lock.

So today you will take with you quite a peculiar and impressive knowledge to learn how to “How to disable a door lock “ You are ready? Go for it!

Precautions to take into account

As we are talking about “disabling” a lock, we want to limit certain tips that you must take into account before immediately launching yourself to perform any of the methods that we will mention later, since, in general, if what you are looking for is disable a door lock, this will have repercussions if in the future you decide to want to use the lock again.

So, which tips are we talking about, check them below:

  • Most of the methods that are applied are intended to “disable” the lock, but at what cost? Well, the problem is that the lock may end up being damaged or stuck to the point that, if at any time you want to use the door lock again, you should call a professional locksmith to solve the problem; Now, if you have the knowledge to fix the lock, unlock it or disassemble and install a new one, perfect, you can do it with confidence.
  • Another important point to take into account is that depending on the severity of the lock, you will have to keep in mind that you may later have to buy another new lock and install it, since the damage may be irreparable.
  • The various methods that we will introduce you to are aimed at practically all types of locks, but of course, not those that are extremely modern and high-tech, but it will be able to work on those that are knob, lever, star locks, etc. .
  • By last, avoid at all costs disabling a door lock that is not yours. Making this type of joke may not be funny anymore if the lock ends up being damaged and the owner has to buy another, so we advise you to use any of the methods in locks that are from your home, on any door that you do not want that is open for a long time or something that has to do with your work (being an owner).

Methods to disable a door lock

If you have reached this point it is because you are interested in blocking a door in your home or office to which you do not want others to have access, keep in mind that if it is a single door through which you can access that area, do not there will be going back and this will be completely blocked, are you prepared to know all the existing methods? Ahead! Discover them:

  1. Chopsticks: considered one of the most homemade and applied methods to lock door locks, but the truth is that it is quite functional if we do not have other types of tools that make the lock useless. What will you do with the chopsticks? A procedure that is nothing to write home about, you just have to take a handful of toothpicks and break them into several small pieces that are perfect to sneak through the keyhole. When you insert enough toothpicks, this will lock the safety mechanism and the pistons of the lock, making it impossible for the door to be opened with the use of the key.
  • Oil: generally, locks have to be maintained so that their operation is correct, and for this a special oil or lubricant for hinges or locks is used, therefore, If you use another type of oil such as cooking oil, baby oil or even the famous 3 in 1, you will make the lock start to give problems. But, What effect does a different lubricant have? Once applied, in a few days it will gradually accumulate dust and particles inside the safety mechanism of the lock, even the pistons will get stuck and will be stuck by the accumulated dust mixture.
  • Hydrochloric acid: Attention! It is a completely dangerous acid and which should only be used by adults; This can be found in cleaning articles, so in its pure state you will not be able to buy it, but it is enough that part of it, called “Sulfuman” come in some ceramic cleaning product. How to apply it? Since it is a strong and dangerous liquid, use gloves and a mask, and then put a little bit in an injector, because with it you can easily apply it inside the lock.
  • Metal powder– Another perfect way to disable a lock is by applying metal powder through the keyhole. If you wonder how or where to find metal powder, the answer for it is very easy. To collect a little of that dust you will have to take a metal and sand it with a coarse sandpaper until little by little the metal shavings are detached; Another way is by drilling metal and collecting all the thin metal strips that come loose. Later, you will have to insert them inside the lock, you can even blow inwards a little so that they are attached throughout the internal structure of the lock. When there is enough metal powder inside, this will prevent inserting the key from turning.
  • Earth or sand: as it works with metal powder, you can also use small particles of earth or sand, and follow the same procedure as the previous method, which is to introduce it through the keyhole until it locks.
  • Super glue: Yes, the classic glue that gets us out of trouble and we use in almost everything to solve any type of problem, you see, it can also be used to disable a door lock. Here, the interesting thing is that all the pistons are going to stick and the safety mechanism will lock in a horrible way, so that neither with the help or force applied to a key will it open. You can get super glue at any hardware or stationery store, and as they usually come with a kind of fine spike, with the help of its shape, you can easily insert it through the keyhole and fill the entire structure of it from the inside.

As you can appreciate, the ways to disable a door lock are much easier than thought, except for the use of hydrochloric acid which you should use with great caution if you opt for it, but as for the others, the result will be amazing and with this you will block access to any door of the home.

How to Disable a Kwikset Bedroom Door Lock

How to Disable a Kwikset Bedroom Door Lock

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