> How to disable a lock without being noticed

How to disable a lock without being noticed

Disabling a lock of any type and without noticing or observing something strange and unusual in it, can be very helpful if what we want is to prevent someone from accessing the place or object that is intended to be opened.

There are many reasons and as long as you are for a better well-being or peace of mind knowing that the goods are completely safe, certain types of methods that provide greater security can be used, although of course if you do not have the opportunity or the necessary amount of money To install a better lock like the modern ones, there is always how not to disable them through homemade methods that will not take you long.

Do youDo you want to learn how to disable a lock without being noticed? Stay with us and continue reading so that you find out not only what methods you can apply but also why to disable a lock and the precautions and tips that you should take into account before carrying out said work.

Why disable a lock?

There are as many reasons as you can imagine, but we will discuss some of them:

  • If you have a business and decide to go on vacation, but it turns out that an employee who stays working and covering overtime has a key to the entire business, an excellent idea is to make the lock that is yours like that of a locker I was left inoperative and with no signs that it had been tampered with.
  • Another widely used reason is given for disable drawer or pantry locks which we do not want the smallest of the house to urge for their curiosity, of course, it is only done in cases where it is not going to be accessed again.
  • To secure precious goods or objects that we do not want anyone to have access to.

When not to disable a lock?

When we think about an issue like this, we believe we have the right to perhaps disable any type of lock, even one that is not in our possession, and this is where we have to make a big parenthesis. Why? Since with the information provided about the methods to apply, they should not be used in the following cases:

  • As primordial, not be used to damage the locks of friends, family or establishments, as this would be considered as a completely illegal act.
  • Jokes tend to creep in on this topic since they can seem funny, but leaving someone else’s lock disabled can generate a reaction totally opposite to what laughter would be and apart from that, you could end up damaging the lock.
  • Curiosity killed the cat And if you want to try the methods that we will detail below, we recommend not doing it, except in cases where you see that it is necessary, since if you do it out of mere curiosity it may be more expensive than you thought and with that you buy it or repair of a new lock.

Types of locks that can be disabled

It is one of the questions that we can ask ourselves the most and this is due to the large number of locks that exist today in the market and it is that the truth is quite reasonable, but we have the answer to this question.

Then What kind of lock? Basically almost any type of lock, but the results are more favorable for those that are basic and not so modern, of those that come to program and of that style, no, on the contrary, you can disable the most conventional locks such as those of knob or cylinder that are used in practically any door of the home (house, bathroom, office, etc.), the star locks or commonly recognized as double bolt locks, lever locks, etc.

The important thing here is that what is intended to be done is to cause a fault inside the lock’s security mechanism, that is, where the pistons are, they end up locking so that they make it impossible for the key to turn fully. normality and open the lock.

That is why, in general, those who wish to access this type of lock, it is with the purpose that it is not intended to use said lock again, and added to this, that in the eyes of others, that lock pretends to look completely normal without anything strange being noticed.

3 methods to disable a lock without being noticed

The methods range from the most homemade where only a few household utensils are needed, to those that require elements that if you do not have them you must buy them to be able to disable the lock.

You must bear in mind that some of the methods that we will leave you here below can cause the lock to end up being damaged or damaged, so you must be completely sure you want to do it, because otherwise, the safest thing is that later when you want To re-access said content or place that is kept closed you may have to buy another new lock or if in case you have salvation but you do not have the necessary knowledge to open a lock in that state, it will be your last option to call a professional locksmith to get your lock working again.

So nothing, we present the most important of the subject, the methods that will give you the solution to disable a lock without anyone noticing or suspecting anything:

  1. 3 in 1 oil: If you don’t know, there are oils exclusively for lubricating locks, so obviously if you apply one that is not for this, this could generate numerous problems for the lock. 3-in-1 oil is perfect for disabling a lockBesides that it is imperceptible to the human eye, since no one will notice what happened. So what does 3-in-1 oil do in a lock? First of all, with the help of a straw or a soda straw, try to lubricate the entire internal mechanism of the lock with oil, this will cause dust and particles stuck to the pistons to remain in a few days. and what will make it impossible to open the lock, thus remaining locked and may even rust.
  • Chopsticks: the use of toothpicks is another excellent option to render the lock useless, and as you do? Take many toothpicks and break them into several pieces so that later you can insert them through the keyhole, put all of them, but without noticing that they protrude, rather that they are strained well internally in the lock’s security mechanism . Applying this method will make it so that whoever has another key to open said lock cannot access it due to the amount of toothpick that obstructs the way to open it.
  • Super glue: is he classic glue that sticks almost anything and gets more than one out of trouble, and if you have used it you will know what we are talking about. The interesting thing about super glue is that it is colorless, which is quite advantageous in a scenario where we do not want anyone to realize that the lock is unusable. Being very careful, you must introduce the nozzle of the super glue through the keyhole and pour enough so that when it dries all the pistons lock and prevent the key from opening and turning inside.

By applying any of these three methods you can make a lock unusable for a long time, it is very functional and is perfect to prevent anyone else from accessing the room or object that is under lock and key. Remember to apply the methods carefully so that no one suspects anything and the result is perfect.

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