> How to fix a lock that will not open

How to fix a lock that will not open

Multiple factors can cause a lock to stop working properly, even the fact that it does not open does not always mean that it is completely damaged or broken, sometimes the solution is quite simple and just it is required to have the necessary tools and prior knowledge to be able to solve the problem with our own hands and thus avoid calling a locksmith.

Like all work, locksmithing is also an art to be admired, Do not think that this task is simple at all, but it does have its tricks to understand it, and in the event that you have a problem with the locks of your home or work, In this article you will learn “How to fix a lock that won’t open”. Do you want to know what it is about? What methods are we talking about? Well nothing, let’s get to it.

Why do the locks stop opening?

As we mentioned at the beginning, not all locks last a long time, over the years these can present details that in the end will make the lock stop opening at the least expected moment.

The truth is that some of the reasons why these cases happen is that certain important points are ignored when using the locks, we believe that, just by having them installed in the doors, drawers, desks, cabinets and others, you are not They need nothing more, and well, the truth is that it is not like that.

Know what the various reasons why a lock does not open:

  • Forget that the locks they need maintenance from time to time, it will cause them to start to lock and even rust over time.
  • The slam the doors, drawers, or anywhere you have a lock is going to end up making these disengage and are not aligned quite wellAs a result, when you try to open the lock, it will not work normally.
  • Another of the most common reasons that happens very often, is trying to open a lock with a key that is expired and by exerting light pressure to open it, it ends up giving way completely and breaks inside.
  • Another option, a bit out of the ordinary but that can still happen, is that inside the lock there are traces of metal shavings or sand and you do not have the slightest idea of ​​it (these cases are usually made by pranksters ) and something as thin as this material causes the lock to bind and its operation is not perfect, the pistons will not be able to align normally, so you would need to disassemble the entire lock and perform maintenance on it.

As you can see, there are different ways in which a lock needs to be repaired to work properly, if your lock is failing and does not even open, try to pay attention to all these reasons and avoid them so that in the future the lock will not be damaged again and its duration is longer.

5 techniques to fix a lock that won’t open

If the lock does not present such a complex problem, you can try the following techniques that we will discuss below, most are very easy and do not require much time, generally you just need to have all the necessary tools at hand and continue step by step each of the indications so that everything goes perfectly. Good, These are the 5 techniques to fix a lock that won’t open:

  1. Lubricate the lock: one of the main causes of locking of the lock is a lack of lubrication, but beware, you should not apply any type of oil, neither for food, nor for a car or any other, you should buy one that is specifically for locks, and why is this? It is surprising, but dust can easily slip through the keyhole, and if you apply an oil that is not for locks, eventually all the dust and chips that enter will stick to the entire mechanism and pistons of the lock causing it to finally stop opening.

What will you do? Buy a graphite powder spray (you can get it at hardware stores or locksmiths) and apply it through the keyhole so that it lubricates each side and when you try the key again, now if it opens normally.

  • The lock was jammed with a piece of key: quite common and has its solution. If you are lucky and the split key protrudes a little from the lock, with the help of pliers or a pliers take it from the tip very carefully, without pressing it inside, pull it out. Now, if the piece does not protrude, but you can see a bit of the key, you can drill with a very fine bit only the upper part of the key piece (inserting it very carefully through the keyhole), just let it a small mark so you can drag it out with a fine knife.
  • Latch problem: this is one of the very important parts when opening a lock, and for that reason it must be completely installed properly, that is why we previously told you that locks are often affected by heavy knocks when pulled closed. If this is done repeatedly what will happen is that lock out of alignment. The procedure to check this is very simple, what you will have to do is check the frame, and if you see it moved, adjust it correctly; The screws that hold the cylinder are very important and if they loosen or loosen the lock will not open as it should, it will lock and it will even feel like it is stuck, so you will have to adjust each of the screws and leave it securely attached. .
  • Check the door hinges: Another problem that is usually ignored are the hinges, because as they are outside the lock, sometimes we do not think at first that this could be a problem for the lock to open correctly. If the hinges are on the wrong side, are out or misaligned (because they are usually 3 or 4), it will cause problems to open the lock and it will feel as if it is stuck.
  • Key problemLast but not least, and although it is not directly treated as a problem in the lock, it can be one of the options for which it cannot be opened, and why is this? If the key enters, but does not turn and it is even difficult to remove it from the lock again, we must immediately make a copy, since the one we are using may be worn or a poorly made copy.

As you can see, these are 5 fairly simple techniques to execute and that also does not require being an expert locksmith who comes to the home and gets us out of trouble. Look at your lock and later try the various methods to see if you can solve it; Now if you notice that the problem with the lock is much more serious than it seems, some important part inside the internal mechanism has broken, the pistons do not move or they broke, etc., do not hesitate to call a locksmith, well They have special tools in their possession to detect if the lock still has a solution or if it is necessary to buy a completely new one.

My Locks Won’t Open – Broken Lock ? Or Not ?

My Locks Won’t Open – Broken Lock ? Or Not ?

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