> How to fix the door handle

How to fix the door handle

It is normal for the door handle to break down when we use it very frequently. If, when trying to open the door, you notice how the handle remains stuck, it does not return to its point of origin, it is difficult to open or the latch does not come out completely; you will most likely have to make an arrangement as soon as possible or you will have to buy a new lock. Whatever the case, the quickest, simplest and most preventive solution is to fix the handle as soon as possible.

In case the door does not close properly, try lubricating the handle with a little special synthetic oil for locks. Possibly this simple measure will correct the problem and save you the enormous expense of having to buy a complete part.

If you want to learn how to fix the door handle, read on. In the following article we will provide you with a step-by-step guide, so that you can solve this problem in the simplest possible way.

How to fix a door handle: Step by step

Before starting, you need to take into consideration little tips that will help you carry out the task more easily. Perform this procedure calmly, in this way you will avoid making mistakes or forcing parts that may break down. Plus, use the right tools and follow every step to the letter.

Once the previous points are clarified, you will need:

Materials and tools:

  • Spade tip and star tip screwdriver in various sizes.
  • New shooter.
  • Lubricant or synthetic oil.

Step 1: To get started, find the screws that hold the knob on your door; you can place them on both sides of it. Unscrew them and remove the bezel; This is the piece of sheet metal that protects the exterior part from blows.

If you want, you can replace the trim; since it is a simply aesthetic piece. Choose gold or bronze tones for natural wood doors. You can also opt for metallic finishes, if you want to give a modern and industrial style to your home. In the market you can find an immense variety of shooters; But the most important thing is that you remember that it must combine both with the style of your door, as well as with your home in general and more, if it faces the outside.

On the other hand, we advise you to buy a handle that has a security lock and has a good stop; In this way you will avoid that it can be easily disassembled and that in the future it is a potential safety hazard.

Step 2: Locate behind the bar that turns the handle, a small stop called a pin. To unhook this piece, you will have to squeeze and pull it; this way you can remove the ball.

Now, you will proceed to remove the doorknob. To do this, use the screwdriver and hold the pin tight. The purpose of this piece in the form of a button is to function as a stop so that the bar that supports the handle does not fall. Therefore, if you want to fix the door handle, you will have to hold the stopper while you pull the handle in your direction.

Once you manage to remove the bar from the handle a little, turn it to disengage it and be able to separate the piece from the base. Put it aside and repeat the action now with the shooter that is on the bull side of the door.

Step 3: If the door handle does not turn properly, simply changing the handles may not solve the problem. Therefore, we are also going to teach you how to change the door latch. In this way, you will be able to disassemble the knob piece by piece and replace the element that is faulty. In case you cannot determine which part is affected, we advise you to go to a hardware store; In it, a professional will know how to tell you which element you should replace and you can buy it at once.

To replace the latch, the first thing you have to do is remove the screws that hold the sheet metal to the door. If you do not have idea what is the latch, is the rectangular piece that is on the side of the door and that keeps it closed when it fits into the wall.

Once you have unscrewed the plate, save the screws and with the help of the flat screwdriver, pry the inside piece. With this simple step, you will be able to remove the latch from the door.

Step 4: In most cases, it is possible to change the parts of the handle without having to change the latch. But if you feel the need to do so, we advise you that before proceeding to buy a new one, remove the old one so that you can check that the opening of the latch where it will enter, is the same as the new handle.

It will not be such a complex task; since there are only two models: circular and sprat. Being the first round and the second plane. Remember the shape of yours when you go to buy the new one so as not to make mistakes and make sure it fits perfectly.

Step 5: Once you have the new handle, assemble each of the parts following the installation manual that the manufacturer includes. In case you do not have it on hand, follow the following indications:

  1. Latch: Install the piece inside the door and then fix the plate that holds it with screws.
  2. Main handle: Place the trim and insert the side of the handle that has a bar. Now, fit the handle by squeezing the pin. When you’re done, screw the handle to the trim; make sure it is securely attached to the door.
  3. Secondary handle: This is the one at the bottom and does not have a bar. Place the bezel and then snap it onto it. Squeeze the stud so that the handle is firm, and lastly screw the trim on until it is secure.

Finally, put a little special hardware lubricating oil on the handle so that it works optimally and that’s it. You have finished!

In a few minutes of work, you managed to repair the handle and other elements of your door very easily. Achieving in this way avoid having the enormous extra expense of calling a professional locksmith.

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How To repair a faulty broken Door Handle Latch

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