How to install a single-side crossbar?

How to install a single-sided doorknob?

The doorknob A door or handle is simply the mechanism with which we close and open the doors of our house, public or private places, also windows, boxes, etc. This is complemented with a knob or handles that serve to activate the lock, making it perform the actions of opening and closing what we already mentioned above.

The handles are placed on one side of the door so that it can be opened inwards or outwards and also to be able to close it and even condemn it forever and never be opened again.

In the market there are many brands and models of doorknobs to satisfy the tastes and demands of consumers.

Now, sometimes it happens that we are not convinced from the side that the door handle is placed; It can be uncomfortable or just look bad. That is why in this article we bring you some super simple steps so that you can place the handle on one side of the door and that it is perfectly adapted to your tastes.

The good thing about this type of procedure is that you should not resort to a specialist to perform it, as it is so easy that you can do it yourself and in a very short time.

Let us begin!

First of all, you are going to start by opening the hole where the latch or handle that you want to install on the door is going to be placed, taking into account the space where it is going to open and close, as it is important that the door can open completely without colliding with any object or wall. This drilling is accomplished with specialized drills and other tools.

Once you have the hole you are going to sand it so that it is correctly and then you are going to insert and position the latch plate over the hole that you just opened. You need to line it up correctly until you can see the hole through the plate. You are going to screw this element so that it is well fastened.

Remember that you must mark the places where you are going to open the holes where the elements are placed so that they are well fixed.

Now we are going to place the handle of the latch, we are going to achieve this by joining the two screws that the system has. We are going to insert the mesh in one of the sides of the door and we are going to do it with everything that we have already placed, trying to make it fit perfectly with the opposite handle.

Finally, we are going to install the closing plate in the frame of our beautiful door. We will achieve this by aligning the latch where we want the door to close. For a better guide, use a pencil to perfectly trace where the closing plate will be located, do not forget to screw it so that it is fixed.

Now that you have everything installed, try and see how it opens and closes the door perfectly and without much complication.

Remember to check that the latch works well and that all parts fit. This procedure can be used to install doorknobs as well.

We take measurements of where we are going to place it

We make the hole where it will be embedded

We introduce the lock

We screw the screws

We go to the frame and make the drawings and measurements of where the latch will enter

We drill to proceed next to insert the plate

We screw the plate

Then as a final we put our latch or handle.

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