> How to jamm a lock without being noticed

How to jamm a lock without being noticed

Jamming a lock without being noticed can be of great help if what you are looking for is to disable access to a door, desk, drawer, drawer, closet, closet, etc., without losing the aesthetics or design of the die itself. What is sought is that nobody noticed anything out of the ordinary and the contour that surrounds the lock is not damaged either.

When we think of jamming a lock, many ideas can come to our head, but it is important that you know that not all the methods you can apply will keep the lock intact On the contrary, if you are not careful when carrying out the work, the lock could not only get stuck but also could break and make the damage more serious, and later when you want to use the lock again the economic cost can rise and believe me that they won’t be anything great.

The methods to apply do not require much science and they are easy and functional enough that no one will notice that the lock has become unusable. Do you want to know what methods we are talking about? Stay with us so that you find out about each and every one of them and so you can choose the one of your choice.

Tips to take into account

Before you get fully involved with all the methods that can be used, you should be aware of certain tips that will make your work a satisfactory result:

  • The main thing and of great importance is to take this content as something merely informative and for the use of locks that belong to your property, so You must not use any method with the purpose of breaking other types of locks that are not yours.
  • You can make use of these methods in different types of locks that are not only the conventional ones, it also works for those with double bolts or how it is usually called “star locks”; You can also apply it to knobs of any type that present the keyhole with the naked eye.
  • Some methods require caution and attention while the procedure is being performed, so make sure you take all the necessary precautions, such as, for example, making use of gloves so as not to get stained with any kind of liquid or chemical that is introduced through the safety mechanism of the lock.
  • Finally, keep in mind that it depends on the method you choose, the results will be seen with the passing of a few days so if you are in a hurry, opt for the faster ones.

Without more to say, here below we leave you the variety of existing methods to jam a lock without anyone noticing.

Find out what methods you can use to jam a lock without being noticed

The most important of the subject has arrived and today you will know it. If you thought that jamming a lock was something difficult, when you read each of the procedures carefully you will notice that they are a piece of cake and it will not take long to complete any of them, you only need the knowledge, a little agility and all the necessary tools that allow the lock to jam without any kind of problem.

Next, feel free to choose the method that works best for your lock:

  1. Chopsticks method: yes, those classic thin chopsticks that are used for everything, for events, meals, arrangements, stationery and more; they’re so functional, practical and economical They are worth it and they serve to jam without any inconvenience the locks that we want to make unusable. Fantastic! Don’t you think Well, returning to the topic, what you will do is take a handful of thin toothpicks and break them into several small pieces so that several of them can slip through the keyhole causing it to jam and therefore when trying to enter the key To open it, it cannot even turn.
  • Super glue: we will imagine that you know what type of glue we are talking about because it is quite recognized worldwide and if you do not know it today is the moment when you will discover how magical it can be, because it is used to glue almost anything, but be careful, you have to Be careful when handling it, because when some of the glue falls on your hands it can be disastrous and terrible, so it is best to use thick gloves to avoid any kind of misfortune. Very well, What is the procedure? So easy that it will not take 10 minutes since all you are going to do is insert the super glue through the keyhole; without being afraid, put enough so that all the pistons when sticking stick; then carefully remove the nozzle from the super glue trying not to let anything fall out.
  • Use the metal shavings– Shavings or metal powder whatever you like to call it, they are so easy to strain through the keyhole that it turns out to be a easy and perfect method to jam the lock. To do this, you will have to get a sandpaper (you can get it in hardware stores, if possible buy a thick one) in order to sand some metal piece that you have in your home. When sanding it, try to accumulate enough metal dust, then pick it up carefully and with the help of a straw insert it through the keyhole, it has to be enough so that it fits well within its entire mechanism or structure. By performing this method it will be impossible for the key to turn and no one will suspect that there is metal dust inside the lock.
  • Sand method: in case you do not have a sandpaper, much less a metal to sand and collect its shavings as we explained in the previous method, collecting sand is also functional and perfect to jam the lock and therefore you will not spend money on it . To perform this method you just have to follow the same steps as if you were doing it with the metal shavings and you will see that the lock will be stuck for a long time.

Warnings if you perform these methods

The purpose is clear, what is sought is jam the lock but not break it or damage it to external terms; what is intended is merely to jam it so that no one else can open it or even, if you yourself no longer want it to be fully functional. Now, if at any time you want that jammed lock (by whatever method you used) to fulfill its function again and open correctly with the use of a key, it is best to call a locksmith to disassemble the lock and perform maintenance on the inside, in this way you can eliminate any type of residue that has been trapped inside the lock mechanism. So keep in mind that it can cost you a bit of money to do this type of work anyway.

In conclusion, you can jam any type of lock, basic, conventional but that have a hole for the key to enter; which has its pros and cons in the future in case you want to use it again, but this will depend on you and the use you want to give that lock, just keep in mind to perform the methods with extreme caution to avoid damaging something more than the lock.



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