> How to make a key copy without having the key

How to make a key copy without having the key

Want to open a door lock, but don’t have the key? Have you lost the key and don’t know what to do? Or are you about to buy another lock because the key is lost? Stop there! From now on, you should know that It is not necessary to change the lock if you do not have the key to it. Avoid higher spending by learning to “How to make a key copy without having the key” You are ready? Let’s get started!

For most things you can find solutions and in this case, not having a key and that we gave up for lost a long time ago can be fixed with just having the knowledge and tools to help get the job done, of course, if not You have not a bit of a locksmith but you are someone with great curiosity and willing to learn, we tell you that you are in the right place, so pay attention to all the information that we will provide you; take a pencil and paper and write down everything you need.

Reasons why it is better to make a copy of the lost key?

In general, these scenarios arise very often for the mere fact that keys being such a small object, they tend to end up who knows where if we do not pay attention to where we leave them, but we should not be scared and take the first option of going to a locksmith and opting for another lock, this can be avoided and it is good that you know it, so while the tranquility returns to your body and your pocket, we will explain certain reasons why making a copy of a key is the best option to take:

  • First of all, saving is the most important thing, you cannot compare buying a completely new lock with the simple fact of taking another copy of the key, and for this you have two options, or you call a locksmith to disassemble the cylinder and Based on this, I can make another key for you following certain guidelines, or you are nourished by content and information about how to get a copy of a key and try it for yourself.
  • Another reason and that, in fact, can also be considered as one of the most outstanding and important is that if you do not want to open that lock, you can avoid resorting to forced methods to open it, since depending on any of them it can cause The lock is completely unusable and even broken, that is, you can forget to open the lock with methods that destroy the security mechanism inside (such as the use of drills, screwdrivers, hammer, etc.), as these will come out a lot more expensive than you think.

There are two reasons, yes, but they are enough for you to take another alternative and be able to solve the problem, making a copy of a key without having the key has never been difficult or impossible.

Method to get a key copy without having the key

The most important point has arrived, you are going to learn how to do it, but first take into account that if you are not a locksmith it may be a bit complicated for you because these people dedicated to unlocking locks, making copies of keys, repairing cylinders, know how to use the keys perfectly. tools and others; They always have an ace up their sleeve and they usually know a thousand and one techniques to solve problems much faster, but be careful, with this we do not mean that you cannot, no, nothing to do, you can do this job just by meeting certain requirements, which are:

  • Have all the necessary tools to make a copy of a key.
  • Have the prior knowledge of how to do it.
  • Have agility and dexterity.
  • Finally, arm yourself with patience and motivation to learn and achieve it.

Now yes, know 2 methods used by many professional locksmiths:

  • Cylinder removal method: Known for being one of the methods most used by locksmiths to be able to create another new copy of a key. To carry out this work you must take into account having all the necessary tools to be able to disassemble the cylinder to later manufacture a key.

Well, how will you do it? Follow the next steps:

  1. First of all, you must extract the cylinder from the lock and for this you must do it with great care not to damage any part of the lock, otherwise, we would not only be talking about taking a copy of a key but also about fixing the lock . Returning to the topic, with the cylinder out of the lock, you must remove the lock from the cylinder so that you can easily remove it.
  • Have a blank or plain key on hand and insert it into the lock. Then, at the rear, it introduces a locksmith shim that will serve to keep the pistons aligned. Next, as you push the key out, the tip of the key slightly turns the lock to secure the pistons on one side of the cylinder.
  • From the back insert an aluminum tube (similar to a cylinder, but it does not have holes for the pistons) and push it quickly so that the cylinder is ejected from the lock. By performing this step, the pistons will also come out, and that is the most important thing, because you will be able to see the indentations in the key.
  • Now, taking the measurements of the pistons, with the help of a round file, make the notches in a blank key. This process must be carried out with great care and patience since it must be exactly like the indentations, otherwise the key that you make will not open the lock.
  • Once you have the new copy of the key on hand, you can proceed to reassemble the entire lock. Once you have everything installed, proceed to test the key and voila. Problem solved!
  • Printing method: great and functional for those old locks that used paddle keys, it is a fairly easy method and in the same way you must have the necessary tools and a little patience to create the key.

Which are the steps to follow? Then get to know them:

  1. Have a blank key on hand and insert it into the lock, and then make repeated movements as if you were trying to open the lock (obviously the cylinder is not going to turn all the way). What is the purpose of all this? Have an impression made on the key.
  • With the key already marked, use a locksmith file and shape it exactly where the key was marked, as is done with the cylinder method. Doing this step perfectly, you will get the copy of the key.


It is clear that learning how to make a key is a plus point to quickly solve those door locks that we have at home and cannot open them, but in any case, It is worth remembering to have on hand copies of all the keys that we have and keep them in a good place where we can turn to them when a situation like this arises.

The work of locksmithing is undoubtedly an art, Seeing it from another perspective and learning how to do the various jobs that are related to it is a challenge and that, in turn, will help you solve problems on your own. Forget about resorting to forced methods that damage the locks If you do not have the key to open it, following each of the above steps, you will be able to have the happy key again.

How Do Locksmiths Make Keys Without an Original Key – How to Impression a Key

How Do Locksmiths Make Keys Without an Original Key – How to Impression a Key

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