> How to open a bar lock without a key

How to open a bar lock without a key

Who likes to feel safe in their own home? To all! Counting with security and tranquility is a well-being that we want to have at all times to make the motto of “home sweet home” come true.

Placing secondary locks, adding locks to bars and external doors are one of the options we have to take care of our home from external danger. Bar locks are widely used for this purpose, but what happens when we can’t get how to open them? It may change that concept from “safe” to “locked”, so we must keep in mind how to open a bar lock without a key.

We must control our impulses and remain calm. If we find ourselves in a difficult situation in which we must be the protagonist, we will need it to be able to act in the most precise way.

Always count on the locksmith

Locksmiths are people specialized in work with locks. They can open a lock in less than we imagine, their service has a cost, so we must take this into account before calling them.

If we do not have enough money to pay for a locksmith, or we do not want to wait until it arrives, we can put into practice some of the following techniques that will surely be of much learning and usefulness.

Hair Hook Technique

In addition to the fact that this technique will not damage the lock, it is one of the most efficient that we can apply. Well, it consists of aligning the inner pistons by mechanical force, which we can do with two hair clips. So if we are not a woman, we will need, on this occasion, the collaboration of one of us to provide us with a couple of hooks for this important cause.


  • The first step is to condition the hooks. To do this, we heat the tips of the hooks a little with some fire and remove them with a tweezers.
  • Then we will take one of these and unfold it, leaving it in an L shape, while the second hook is left as straight as possible.
  • After conditioning the hooks, we will insert the L-shaped hook in the thickest area of ​​the keyhole, to insert the remaining hook.
  • Now with this last hook, we will move the pistons so that they are all aligned.

It is not achieved simply, but it is possible with patience and dedication. So we have to practice several times until we achieve it.

Some tools with which we can replace the hair clips are paper clips or some wire that has similar characteristics. Conditioning, in the same way, said tools and then follow the same recommended steps.

Virgin key technique

If we have the availability to get a blank key, it will serve as a tool to open the bar lock. This, understood as a virgin key to that key that they mold in the locksmiths to make a copy of another key.

For the application of this technique we will also need a file to shape said key.


The idea of ​​this technique is to apply the blank key as a bumping key; For this we must reduce, with a file, the dimensions of the key so that it can be inserted into the lock. This work will be a bit annoying, but perseverance is a fundamental element to be able to achieve it.

  • After the key is inserted into the lock, we hit it with a hammer, without exceeding the applied force so as not to bend it. The blows are so that the key can force the pistons to align and thus open the lock.
  • In case of not being able to open the lock on the first attempt, we will try filing the key a little more, and then follow the same recommendations, without forgetting that the blows made to the key must be firm.

Drill Technique

The drilling power of a drill can be used to destroy the interior of the lock, specifically the pistons of the internal mechanism. As a consequence of opting for a destructive technique, we will have to replace the lock, much more if it is the main lock of the door that we want to open.

For perform this technique we will need a drill with good power and a bit finer than the keyhole, plus a flat-head screwdriver


  • To start this technique we must take the drill, place the bit and then press it well.
  • We will drill as we have already said in the center of the keyhole. We must be careful when we start drilling since the drill has not made the hole yet and it will begin to move until the drilling begins. In addition to being careful if a metal splinter comes out, if possible, put on glasses.
  • After having made the hole until it has gone through the entire lock, we take the flat-tipped screwdriver, insert it through the hole we created and turn it clockwise.

If it does not turn completely, we will insert and remove the screwdriver from the hole several times until the internal pistons are unlocked and then we will turn the screwdriver back into the hole.

Saw technique

We will continue with another destruction technique, this time with a saw. With the application of this technique can not only take risks If we exceed the gate, we too are in danger because the contracting power of the sierra is very high. Therefore, we must be very careful. As in the previous technique, we must protect our eyes if necessary.

Depending on the material with which the lock is made, it will be the cutting power that the saw that we will use must have. Remembering that the higher the quality, the higher the cost to pay for a tool.


We turn the saw in our hands and patiently cut the lock bar. Do not forget that depending on the material with which the bar is made, it will be resistant to cutting, so you have to be patient.

Pick A Deadbolt Lock!!

Pick A Deadbolt Lock!!

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