> How to open a bar plate

How to open a bar plate

Bar plates are considered one of the safest. And of course, if these sheets contain a metal bar that is difficult to open, so it keeps the door anchored to the frame in various circumstances.

That is why they are used as a second lock, because if the first is violated from the outside, they make the task difficult. That is why they are often used on doors or main gates to double security.

However, there is always a way to open these types of plates, and if you have arrived here it is because you need to know how to open a bar veneer. Surely you had a problem with the key or it got stuck, but regardless of the reason, we know how to help you, so pay attention to the techniques in the following lines.

Use the key

A bar plate works with a bar that holds the door closed, rather than a latch as other models do. These can be opened and closed with a key that must be used every time the door is to be opened. So if we lose the key it is a big problem.

But as a first solution, and although it may sound logical, we must try to open with another key before applying any opening technique. We may not have taken into account the presence of a copy of the key or perhaps a member of the family carries one with them, it is also possible that you have another kept in a gazette or closet at home.

Don’t let circumstances affect your performance.

With lock picks

The use of picks is common when opening locks, the problem is that it is for professionals or amateurs, but for those who try to open a bar lock it is not so much. Although if you feel capable of trying, we will explain the technique to you, surely practicing a series of occasions, you will be able to open the plate.

These can be purchased at some hardware stores or more commonly, online stores.

  1. To use them, what we must do is first take the tension key (L-shaped piece), we introduce it through the lower part of the eye of the sheet, while we press.
  2. Then we introduce the pick, through the thinnest part of the eye of the plate or known as the keyhole, with this we will make movements from top to bottom to move the pistons of the mechanism and to place them in their open position.
  3. We will start one by one starting with the piston closest to us.
  4. When all the pistons are level we can roll the bar to completely open the plate.

Impersonate the lock picks

If we do not have a lock pick, we can supplant them and create our homemade lock picks. We can do this with paper clips, hair clips or a similar wire.

  1. For the implementation we will take two paper clips and straighten them. One of them will be our tension key, for this we must bend it to an L shape, while the second clip will be our pick, this must be straight.
  2. To use it we will have the same application as the lock picks, with pressure we will introduce the clip that supplants the tension key through the lower part of the eye of the sheet.
  3. Then, through the keyhole we will introduce the clip that supplants the pick, with upward movements we will move the pistons one by one until they are level and we will have the sheet open.

For the application with the hair clips and the wire, we must carry out exactly the same procedure applied to the clips.

With bumping key

Bumping keys have gained fame not for their good implementation, but for being used by criminals to commit theft, this does not mean that they cannot be used for a good purpose.

Bumping keys are widely used by locksmiths, they allow you to open different plates with the same key, although bumping keys are not easy to get, but we can find them in online stores.

To be used, they are implemented in the same way as an original key would be used, except that when it is inserted in the eye of the sheet it will not turn, and it is not because it is damaged, it is a normal condition. What we must do now is tap it lightly with a hammer or an object to make it fit. Once this is achieved, we can turn and open without any other effort.

With drill

A quite different method from the previous ones is to use a drill to open the bar plate because we must bear in mind that the security mechanism of the plate will be completely destroyed. So after doing it, you should change.

Our main tool will be the drill and as an assistant we must have a bit or bit somewhat smaller than the space occupied by the cylinder of the sheet.

To destroy the mechanism, the key must be drilled in the eye or insertion hole, because, by drilling in that hole, we find the pistons. Then we will drill with that location and that direction, with care because if we drill a lot we will drill the door. When we finish with this, the bar will be free to open the door.

Call a locksmith

This is an option that will be open at all times. And, although we have the best intention of applying all the techniques to open the sheet, there will still be the possibility that we will not succeed.

And one of the reasons is because we have not identified what is the real cause of the problem to open the sheet, or because we are simply not very skilled at performing these types of tasks, because yes, there are those who definitely do very well with these tasks. .

So before or after applying any method as such, if you don’t feel empowered, we recommend resorting to to the services of a locksmith. They do have the skills and are trained to carry out this task.

We definitely cannot be in control of some aspects of our life, but with correct information, good application and, above all, the necessary tools, we can correct what has gotten out of control at times.

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