> How to open a bathroom door

How to open a bathroom door

Bathroom doors are often considered one of the most unsafe, and in fact they can be. Since generally, the doors for these spaces use fairly simple locks so these types of doors are easy to open.

But of course, if the bathrooms are usually located within another space, such as a bedroom and do not require a bar lock or any other of greater complexity.

But if you go through a difficulty in which you need to open a bathroom door, what is stated in the previous paragraph is very helpful. In addition, here, we will show you in detail several techniques of how to open a door bathroom.

What should we do before opening a bathroom door

There are many situations by which we can open a bathroom door, from the simplest that comes together with a natural need to the most complex, which may be linked to an emergency because someone was locked inside or suffered an accident.

Whatever the case, the main way to open a bathroom door is by turning the knob or handle or using the key. But according to the cases presented, when imagining an emergency related to a bathroom door, the first thing we think about is to use the key. But the truth is that bathroom faucets are never at hand in these cases.

Since they are of little use, they are generally stored in a special place and are rarely on hand when needed. So when incidents occur in the bathroom the first option is to break down the door. And break the lock.

But before doing this, as well as before opening a door forcibly, it is best to be cautious and have a key near the bathroom door, to avoid this type of situation. And, if you have to open it with alternative methods, we must take into account the type of lock that the door has to apply the most appropriate to it.

Types of locks on bathroom doors

Bathroom doors, in general, can have two types of lock; knob and handle and the locks are usually pushbutton and rotary lock. The latter can be a bit more difficult to open.

Button insurance are the most used; in these, the safety is activated by pressing a button in the middle of the lock handle. Meanwhile, the turning ones are activated by pressing and turning the mechanism.

Thus, in both cases, when activating the lock and closing the door we have a very well closed bathroom door. To open it, being inside, we remove the safety or simply turn the handle. From the outside, we use the key.

Button Lock Methods

The first option is to introduce an object or tool through the keyhole, or the place of entry of the key. We have many options, including: a knife, a nail, a key Allen, paper clip, hairpins, wires, picks. They must all fit through the keyhole.

  • We must condition the tool in case it warrants it. If it is a clip, wire or hair hook we have to un-bend it, make it as straight as possible and create a 90 degree angle at one of the ends.
  • The next step was to insert the ready-made tool through the keyhole.
  • We must put the tool as far as possible, until we hear a slight sound like a click, this indicates that the lock system has been deactivated.

The interior system consists of a small bar that activates or deactivates the lock depending on its manipulation, the movement that we have made previously has moved this bar, leaving the lock open, so now we only have to turn the knob so that the action is fully carried out.

Twist Lock Methods

In this case, we will deactivate your insurance, using a flat-blade or flat-blade screwdriver to open the lock. Taking into account that it must be a small and fine screwdriver capable of entering through the keyhole.

  • Once the screwdriver is inserted, we will make a rotating movement counterclockwise, that is, from left to right. As in the type of button lock, we must be attentive to the sound that indicates that the lock has been unlocked to turn the knob and open the door.

As we mentioned before, these locks are a bit more difficult to pick than the other type, so if we can’t open the door on the first try, we can try several times applying pressure and force until we succeed.

Of course, it is important to limit yourself in terms of the use of force, because if we carry out work with excessive force and pressure, we can damage the lock, the tool or ourselves.

Random methods

The following section can be used to open the different types of existing bathroom door locks:

Using a plastic card

The use of plastic cards to open doors is very common. Many comment on using credit cards, we will recommend using a card that has less value, because it may deteriorate or become unusable after performing this technique.

The purpose of this method is insert the plastic card through the door slot and remove the latch, which is the part of the lock that keeps it closed.

  • We place the card in the space between the door and the wooden edge and go down to the latch.
  • In order to make the latch come out of its place, we must insert the card in the hole where it is located and, pry, tilting the card towards the door without stopping pressing.

For this method we can also use an X-ray, a knife or another tool that we believe may be capable of fulfilling the objective of opening the door.

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