> How to open a bathroom door with a lock

How to open a bathroom door with a lock

Whenever we go to the bathroom it is essential to have security, because it generates comfort and privacy. That is why we look for different door options for our bathrooms, although this can be put against if for some reason the door is locked. It is at this point that we ask ourselves how to open a bathroom door with a lock?

The main thing is not to panic, it is difficult, we know, but in case opening it is an emergency, we will always have options to turn to. And believe it or not, everything we need to open a door bathroom with insurance, we can find it at our fingertips.

Of course, to know what method and tools to use it is important to know the type of lock, why?

Open bathroom door

Lthe importance of knowing the type of lock

  • Button lock. It is the most common, it is located in the center and works just by pressing the button, it automatically opens and closes the lock.
  • Twist button lock. It is similar to the previous one, only that instead of pressing the central button, it must be turned to the left side if it is to be closed, to the right if it is to open.
  • Antique locks. These have a more complex mechanism, it is a factor that makes them easy to identify. It consists of pushing and turning.
    1. First, the knob is pushed towards the plate and then rotated in a set direction. To deactivate the safety you have to push the knob towards your body and then in the opposite direction.
    2. These locks only have one inner eye, so it cannot be tampered with outside the bathroom.

Objects that we can use to open a bathroom door with a lock

Fortunately, our homes are equipped with any number of objects that can be useful when opening a lock with a lock, some of these can even be things that we use daily for personal use, then we present tools that can be used and the techniques to apply. You can also see in the following blog article how to open a door with lock from the inside.

Strong metal knife, Allen key or clip

These elements are ideal for opening bathroom doors with pushbutton latches, as they fit perfectly. The first step is to insert the tool in the center of the lock. The direction must be straight. In the case of the clip, it must be disassembled.

Once the object is inside we proceed to push inwards until a click is heard, which indicates that the mechanism has been activated in reverse. Also, it happens that a bar returns the safety to an open position.

Closed white door and dark floor

In conclusion, if we hear the characteristic sound of the locks, it means that we can open the door without inconvenience.

You can always get creative, and use whatever tool you feel best fits the lock. In case you need a pickYou can make it with a hair hook, open it a little and voila, you have a tool in a matter of seconds.

Screwdriver or screwdriver

Screwdrivers work for twist locks. But certain parameters must also be met, such as the tool being fine, as this makes it easier for it to enter and exit through the keyhole.

  • Very delicately we push the screwdriver through the central part of the lock, we proceed to turn it in a counterclockwise direction or from left to right.
  • If the procedure has been executed correctly, you will hear the wonderful sound that indicates that the lock has been unlocked. You turn the knob and open the door.

Spin insurance is more complex to remove. Try as many times as necessary until you get it.

Knife, hard plastic, X-rays, or credit cards

As strange as it may seem, you can pick locks with these elements. In case of using it to open the bathroom door, we will do it in those locks whose safety is activated by pushing and turning. Remember that these can only be manipulated inside the bathroom, and this generates that somehow a little more force has to be used.

  • You take the plastic or the tool, make sure that the material is flexible so that it can enter through the hole in the frame where the latch is inserted. A credit card is an excellent possibility.

But the most ideal is an X-ray or a piece of hard plastic taken from a soda bottle, because they have more reach and can be handled with skill.

  • Insert the plastic tool of your choice in the slot that we already specified. Push it with a lot of pressure towards the lock until you hit the latch or slip. In most cases they open in the first three attempts.

Use brute force or call a professionto the

Obviously we do not want to get to this point, but if so, just make sure to use elements that do not harm other spaces in your home or your physical integrity.

With a few accurate and forceful blows to the sides near the lock, there should be no problem whatsoever. Also, you can use hammers or screwdrivers, emergencies are unpredictable and at your command of the day. We understand why it can happen to all of us. If you have already tried everything and nothing has worked, the ideal is to go to a locksmith, he will know exactly how to advise you.


  • Avoid using wooden objects, no matter how thin, or a material that can break. Even a rigid metal can sometimes crack inside with pressure, you have to be careful.
  • If in your home there are many doors with locks similar to the ones we already mentioned, perhaps you should keep an object designed only to force them in case of emergencies.
  • Remember that when trying to open a door with unusual techniques you should apply pressure and force, but don’t overdo it. Brute force can damage the mechanism in an instant.
  • Do not use these methods to enter other people’s houses; It is an illegal act and you can get in trouble.

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