> How to open a bathroom lock

How to open a bathroom lock

Has it happened to you that, by going around with so many things in your head, agitated and stressed, you find yourself in a cumbersome situation? For example, you are at home with your family and you have a small child who got into the bathroom, went through the lock and now he is just screaming for help.

To do? Well, the first thing is to find the key and open the door, but … where is the key? Y,how to open a bathroom lock without keys in an emergency? That’s what we’re here for, to give you the answers you need, and to tell you that a bathroom door can be opened without a key, faster than you might think.

We understand that it is a situation that can become alarming, just do not forget that at times like this it is always good to remain calm and pay attention to techniques that we show you below:

The first thing you should do

Bathroom or bedroom locks typically have a push button or twist-pin mechanism on the inside. That is why you have to:

  • Identify what type of lock you have.
  • Determine what the closing mechanism is. Whether it is push button or twist pins.
  • See if the outside of the doorknob has a keyhole instead of a hole. In this case, you will need a method to pick the lock.

Once the previous procedures have been carried out, you can put into practice any of the methods that we will show you in the following lines. Follow the steps as indicated so that you avoid causing damage to both the lock and your physical integrity.

If your bathroom lock has a button lock

Most bathroom locks are button-type latches, and if this corresponds to the lock you want to open, then you are in the right method for you. It will be easy for you because you are already familiar with the model.

In this case, in order to open the lock without a key, you will need an object that easily enters through the hole where the key is inserted. Some of the objects that you can take into account to do the job are; A paperclip that is strong and has been fully stretched, a sharp-pointed knife, or an Allen wrench.

  1. Start by inserting the tool into the hole in the lock. It has to be straight.
  2. Once the object is inside, you should push forward until the lock fully opens.

Don’t despair if the first try didn’t work for you. Remember that to carry out this process you need to have a lot of patience. If it didn’t work out at first, start over until you do.

If your bathroom lock has a twist lock

If the bathroom lock turns out to be a twist lock, you have to use other types of objects. In general, it is recommended to use a flat-head screwdriver which should be very small and thin so that it can go in and out without any problems through the keyhole.

  1. Start by inserting the screwdriver very carefully in the hole that we already indicated.
  2. It turns from left to right in a counterclockwise direction.

If you did the steps correctly you will hear a small sound or a click. This indicates that the lock has been unlocked perfectly.

Remember that in order to open these types of locks you must apply much more force and pressure. Staying calm and not overpowering is essential, as you can damage the lock mechanism.

If your lock is push-and-turn safe

In this model it is common for the outside of the bathroom to have a knob and no access to the unlocking mechanism. That is why other techniques are needed to open it. As is the case with forcing the latch, which works perfectly. You can use an X-ray, a butter knife, a plastic card, or a sturdy piece of bottle or plastic.

Once you have searched at home and have the object to use on hand, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Insert it into the space between the door and the frame.
  2. Move it hard in the direction of the lock until you find the latch. You must do it from top to bottom until the door opens.

At this time it is advisable to use an X-ray since it is much more flexible and can reach places where other objects cannot.


As you may have realized, not all bathroom locks are the same, but they still all have a mechanism to ensure privacy, or insurance. However, in emergencies most can be forced. Just consider the following:

  • It is always good to turn to someone at this time. A help is never too much. Also, two heads are better than one. If you do not have the objects you need, it is most likely that the person you turn to can help you with that.
  • Remember that if you act without thinking and end up forcing the door or manipulating it without having knowledge, you can cause great damage to the lock, the door and yourself. Therefore, it is recommended not to act without having information about what you can or cannot do.
  • If the techniques do not work for you or you do not feel able to apply them on your own, turn to a professional, it may take a while to get to your home, but, with certainty, they will be able to solve your problem quickly and with the minimum of risk.
  • Always keep a key hidden in an easily accessible place such as a drawer, cabinet, or drawer on the lamp table. You never know when a moment of difficulty like these will come to you and it is worth taking precaution for these circumstances.

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