> How to open a box without a key

How to open a box without a key

Having a safe at home or at work can bring us multiple benefits. This is because, we have a device available that will protect our most valuable objects or importance; external agents such as criminals, or damage caused by fire or floods. All this, without having to leave the enclosure in which it is installed.

However, although safes can offer us so many advantages; they can also bring us disgust. There are days when things don’t go as planned, so we can get caught up in disadvantageous situations. On one of these days, it may be the case that we forget our key in a very distant place or worse, that we break the key that allows us to open our safe.

Whatever the case, we will have to look for one immediate solution to be able to access the objects that we have stored inside the safe. Do not despair; since, in this article we will provide you with a series of methods that you can use, to force open your safe. Let’s not waste any more time and get started!

Preliminary considerations

Before starting, you need to take into consideration that not all safes can be opened using the same methods. This is because, both the manufacturing materials, models, thicknesses or technologies used; They are different. Therefore, some will be more difficult to open than others.

Therefore, in this article we will focus on the safes whose opening mechanism are keys. Although, in the same way you can use most methods that we will teach you next, in different models of safes.

Finally, you should consider that each method has its own potential damage level. So you should take this factor into account, in order to guarantee the security the contents of the safe.

Step by step: How to open a box without a key

In order to unlock the security mechanism that keeps your valuables safe; We present you 3 alternatives with which you can open your safe, if you do not have the key at the moment:

METHOD 1. Pick the lock:

Before proceeding with this method, you should analyze whether or not you want to force the lock of your safe. Once the decision is made, you should know that it is not an easy or difficult method. It’s one of those techniques that gets better as you practice.

In this case, we will proceed to open a lock made up of bolts; the most common on the market. To force the opening of these, we will need to use picks for safe locks (which have special picks and rakes). The advantage of this method is that we can apply it to almost any lock, regardless of the security mechanism they use (as long as they open with keys).

Although this method requires skill and time to be executed correctly; Once we have practice, we can open safes with locks that share the same characteristics, almost in record time.

On the other hand, in safes that have the feature called “key override”; it will be especially helpful. This is because these types of locks are usually less secure than standard main key systems. Finally, use this method only when you do not have an override combination or key.

METHOD 2. Bypass Technique:

The contents of the safe can be accessed, if some alternative methods are used to unlock the lock. It is absolutely necessary to point out the importance of using this technique exclusively for private use; as it is possible to find some problems. That is, do not use this method in third-party safes.

Safe handling and safe rebound are some of the methods that fall under the category of “alternatives.” For example, him safe bounce It is accomplished by pushing the hook of the internal locking mechanism into alignment with the position where it would normally unlock the lock. To get a perfect bounce, you need to practice in the safe.

On the other hand, if your safe is high security; this method will not work for you. This is because these models are specially designed to be immune to tactics such as bypass or other external forces.

METHOD 3. Find an expert in the area:

We know that your main intention is to solve the problem on your own, but sometimes the situation exceeds our capacity and the best alternative is to request the services of a professional. If, after applying multiple unsuccessful attempts, the safe has resisted unlocking; the best thing will be to bet on the experience and skills of an expert in the area. They will know how to provide you with an early solution and in no time the problem will have been solved.

While the professional proceeds to unlock the lock, you will notice how he uses the methods that we mentioned above. In this case, the experience of having years opening safes or locks in general; they will be the main point in your favor. In addition to having specialized tools to carry out this work.

On the other hand, if after applying the techniques described above the professional has not managed to open the door, most likely is that he will try to drill the lock. In this case, you will have to be very careful; as an inexperienced locksmith might try to start with this resource, which should be the last option. Remember that drilling a lock will render it useless and therefore your safe will be unusable until it is repaired.

A professional and resourceful locksmith might offer you the ability to make a replacement key for your safe. These can be created after a careful examination of the security device. Additionally, the locksmith can be a secure link that allows you to get in touch with the manufacturers of the safe; With which you can request the replacement key without major setbacks.


The goal of this article is to provide you with a free, quick and easy alternative; to people who need to open a safe, in order to solve a problem.

Apply these techniques only in safes that you own or with the explicit authorization of their owner. Also, take into consideration that performing these methods in public spaces may be frowned upon by other people or by the authorities. Remember that damage to private property, theft, theft and misappropriation; they are criminal offenses.

Cash box picked open with paper clips – not secure at all

Cash box picked open with paper clips – not secure at all

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