> How to open a broken door

How to open a broken door

Solving door problems on our own is a rather compromising decision, which puts us in a position to provide solutions and not improvise, due to the responsibility that this entails. But whenever we have the best disposition we should try.

Therefore, we bring you a series of situations that will help you solve locksmith problems at home. Learn how to open a broken door following our techniques and tips.

Broken handle

Before anything else, we must determine the problem that obstructs the operation of our door. If we detect that the handle has broken, we can open as long as we have the keys, but if we don’t have them we must get to work. To do?

Remember that the main function of the handle is to actuate the mechanism that drives the lock slide, letting it go out or in to complete the opening and closing process. So, if it has been broken, we can fix it in the following way:

  1. In general, what tends to break is the handle through which we pull or turn, its base being attached to the lock, so we can use pliers.
  2. You must locate the stem, whose part is the base already mentioned.
  3. Press it down with the pliers.
  4. Make sure it’s secure.
  5. Spin it, looking to actuate the slip.
  6. Push the door open.

But if this is not your case, and unfortunately the stem of the handle has also broken, the situation becomes a bit complicated. But don’t worry! We will help you with the following alternative.

Loose handle and stem

If the door does not have a handle and the stem is not found, you must change the tool.

  1. Find a flathead screwdriver.
  2. As the base of the handle is not found, you will find a square hole.
  3. Insert the screwdriver.
  4. Press down on the top and bottom corner of the hole, which is vertically.
  5. Turn to the side the door normally opens on.
  6. The opening will be done without any problem.

You must make sure to hold the two corners well with the screwdriver, so that when you turn you can mobilize the latch system to open.

Credit card

If you don’t have any of the tools used above, you can try opening with something more common that you have on hand. Like a credit card, for example.

This technique is widely recognized by its continuous use and its effectiveness. Only with a plastic card can you solve the situation. So:

  1. Look for a plastic card, it does not matter if it is credit, debit, coupons, etc. What matters is that it is flexible and very resistant.
  2. You must insert it through the slot between the door and the frame.
  3. Make sure it’s about 8 inches above the lock.
  4. Slide it down.
  5. When you hit the slip, tilt the card toward the door a little.
  6. Press down, seeking to sink the latch.
  7. Combine movement and pressure with small pushes with your shoulder.
  8. Ready, you can open the door.

If necessary, you can repeat several times until it opens. It is important to note that these techniques are appropriate when the door does not contain a key lock, otherwise you will not exit successfully.

If the problem of breaking in the door, it is not the handle. Then you will have to change the technique, specifying where the fault of the situation is.

If the mechanism is damaged

If it is the lock, you can try to open it with the use of a drill. With the use of this technique you can remove the pins of the lock that are broken, but you must be very careful when drilling to avoid further damage.

So check carefully:

  1. Find a drill.
  2. Wear welding glasses. You must protect your eyes from any harm.
  3. Find a thin wick that can go into the keyhole and a slightly thicker wick to remove the pins.
  4. You will need a container of lubricant or grease.
  5. Adapt the bit to the drill and lubricate the tip. By drilling it will heat up a bit, the lubricant will help to maintain a good temperature.
  6. Insert it into the lock and start drilling.
  7. Center the process on the pins to remove them and release the lock.
  8. When you no longer feel obstruction, insert a flat screwdriver turn it like a key and open the door.

With the application of this technique, the lock will end up completely damaged, so you will have to replace it later.

Remove the door

Sometimes, even if we apply certain techniques we may not solve the problem, perhaps at first glance we cannot detect what is broken in the lock. It is advisable to disassemble the door to be able to open and carefully work with the problem.

In order to take off the door, the hinges that hold it to the frame must be removed, but this can only be done if we are on the internal side, since this is where they are located.

This procedure is quite simple to do, just:

  1. You must remove the pin that connects the hinges. These are made up of two interlocking metal sheets, held together by a pin or pin.
  2. Lift the top of the peg. You can see it with the naked eye.
  3. Use a flat screwdriver to lift the bolt.
  4. Insert it into the small slot it has and pry it up.
  5. Pull the plug and the metal blades will come apart.
  6. Repeat the process for as many hinges as the door has.

When you have dislodged all of them, you can open. Perhaps the lock will give way and you will be able to detach it from the frame in its closed position, or on the contrary, you will have to force it.


Due to the importance of security in our property and real estate, it is necessary guarantee the operation of our locks and doors. So that we have the tranquility of your protection.

To avoid being in these cases, it is advisable to keep a continuous review of the fittings of our doors, to be attentive to their behavior while we use them, it helps to detect any failure that, if attended to in time, would save itself from a rupture.

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