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When you consider how to open a car without keys, it is because you do not have a spare key.

This oddly enough does not usually happen many times in the day to day. It is possible that our keys, purse, have been stolen, or you have stayed out of the house and you may even have left the keys inside the car.


How to open a car without a key

In these very difficult cases we get nervous or nervous and do not know whether to call a professional locksmith or try to fix it ourselves.

Well, there are many methods of opening a car and it depends on which one we use based on what we have more at hand.

I’m going to show you as many as I can so that it is easier for you to open the car door.

I want to say first of all that these methods are to be used in good faith, although it is common sense to know that people who are friends of others have their own method and are not unaware of how to open a car.

Well let’s start with objects and methods that can be used in these cases.

How to open a carriage with a pick and tensioner

One of the main methods of picking a lock is the turnbuckle and pick. When opening a door lock without a key using this method we try to get the interior keys silently and without breaking the lock.

It is usually that this method is publicized by the cinema as a professional method used by spies and white-collar thieves.

Although we, due to the ease with which you can acquire this type of elements (pick and tensioner) that allow you to open the door of the car or of our home or company, we have to take into account that the acquisition is illegal and even carry it with you . Mainly in many places (countries) they are acquired due to the poor management of the law. Since these are mainly tools aimed at locksmith professionals.

Ganzuas there are many types of them and a few tensioners, not so many.

Normally the tensioners are L or Z shaped, and the picks exist for different types of lock or cylinder based on the key they have. Since you can have security keys in various ways multipoint, tubular, single blade, double blade, cruciform, etc.

Well, here is a video in which you can see how a car door is opened with a pick and a tensioner.

You also have this link to purchase or view different types of pick, turnbuckle and more items.

How to open a car with shoelaces

This method itself is based on the use of a rope or thread as well as some shoelaces, everything will be valid as long as the door lock is opened by pulling up.

It is about making a knot in the cord which we will introduce through the corner of the door, since it allows it to be forced and opened a little, to be able to insert the cord. Thus in this way we will get to marry the knot with the opening handle, once achieved we will have to pull both ends of the rope, very carefully so that it does not come off the handle and, we can lift it, thus managing to open the handle .

This way of opening the door is not very professional but we can try it as many times as necessary and it will not take long to achieve it.

I leave you a sample in this video of how it is done. It is prepared to show from the part of the laces.

How to open a cart with a fork

Oddly enough, a fork can be useful for opening a vehicle.

The fork is a utensil that we use to eat, we can use it to open our car.

You simply have to make some cuts in 2 extra prongs, one from each end and join the other two in the middle.

Then you can see it in the following video as the person in the YouTube video opens three cars with the same fork.

How to open a car with a master key

It will seem that it sounds like magic although it does not, a master key is a key that fits into identical lock profiles, what do I mean by this?

Well, the slits that the key has on its sides, couple to the lock allowing the key to be inserted without any impediment.

The slits are the cuts that the key has on the side that runs through it.

Then the master key, whenever it corresponds, will be able to enter identical locks, that is, with the same type of access for those slots.

Well, I leave you so you can see how this YouTube person makes some master keys.



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