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How to open a car with central locking without keys

Keys are an object that is usually lost much more often than anything else, especially if we do not add a larger key ring that stands out so that it does not get out of sight, right?

Any kind of key that gets lost is already a headache, but Can you imagine losing your car keys? That would be a problem if we do not have another copy on hand or if to complete the bad moment even more, that the car is not one of those that has a simple security system or mechanism like that of old cars, no, everything otherwise, be one of those who have central lockWell, this may complicate things to open it.

But, above all, if you are presented with a case like these and your car has a central locking system and you don’t know how to open it, we will tell you that from today on that uncertainty will no longer be a problem and you will learn “How to open a car with central locking without keys” in case at some point you lose the keys in some remote place and far from the eyes of any person. You are ready? Make yourself comfortable that all the details are below.

What is central locking?

First we will explain what this security system is about because in this way you will be able to understand a little more how the methods that help open this type of locks will work in case you do not have the keys to open the car doors at hand.

Of course, all the cars that exist today in the market do not have the same characteristics, not even a model of the most current in technology looks like what the cars of the 60s or 80s were, so here everything It is based on the fact that each one has its particularities and their security is one of the main characteristics that make the methods to be used vary so that their opening is successful in the event that they do not have a key.

Central locking is an electrical safety system It is operated in a variety of ways to make car doors lock or unlock almost instantly. Some of the circumstances in which this type of security can be activated is, for example, when an unfortunate accident occurs, since the reaction that is generated is that the insurance is instantly unlocked; Another way in which this safety system is activated is when the speed of the car is too fast, then the car locks its doors to avoid any other type of accident.

Convenience is always important and a central locking provides basically that, making opening the doors of a car much more convenient and faster than inserting a key every now and then in the car lock to open it, is like a second option that provides speed for well-being and safety.

Warning before opening a car central locking

Losing the keys is enough for you to find out and learn how to solve the problem of opening a car that has central locking, of course, you should take into account that probably if you are not an expert in opening this type of security it may take you take a little time to get the hang of it, so you just have to be patient and carry out the work with some of the methods that we will mention below.

Finally, it is important that you know that this knowledge is for you and for the use of your own car, or it may even be used to open some other car of a family member or friend as a help because they have also lost the keys. Consequently, it is content purely to help and solve a problem but not to encourage the opening of cars that are owned by someone else and are foreign to you; By this we clearly mean that any central locking opening that is not authorized or for you, can be considered a criminal act and will have repercussions under the law.

Having said all this, now if the most important part of the topic comes, “how to open a car central locking”, pay attention and know each of these methods.

Methods for opening a central locking lock

Taking into account all of the above, read carefully what each of these methods are about and how they are executed, but not before forgetting that you must choose the one that best suits the type of central locking you have, since not all cars They are the same and between models, brands and features, everything can vary.

Very well, the methods that you can apply are the following:

  1. Use a tennis ball: As crazy and crazy as it sounds, the truth is that using a tennis ball you can open a car with central locking and As you do? To do this, you must make an incision in the tennis ball (you can do it with a screwdriver or a sharp tool) the size of the keyhole, where it fits and a little more. Subsequently, place the hole of the ball right in the opening for the car key; then you will have to press on the ball with the help of your hand, in this way what it will do is generate a pressure and the safety latch is unlocked and thus open the door.
  • Use a plungerYes, that’s what you are thinking, if the use of the tennis ball seemed a bit crazy, now a plunger has been a thing of another level but without a doubt it is a functional method. The same thing that we try to achieve with the use of the tennis ball that is to open by applying pressure to the keyhole, is what we are going to do with the plunger. What will you do? Put the nozzle of the plunger in the keyhole of the car and suction, the pressure that is exerted will allow the latch to go up and the car door can be opened.
  • Pick method: as is usually applied in the various basic or conventional locks, the use of picks is quite practical for these types of circumstances. For this work you can either use the lock picks that are sold in locksmiths or very well make one; If your case is the latter, take a wire and leave it completely straight and then a second flatten it in the same way as the previous one, but this time leave a double at the end so that it has the shape of a hook. What is the procedure? Well, first of all, insert the wire straight into the car lock and apply pressure, then with the other wire you must make movements that allow the pins to move and align so that the lock and the car door are unlocked open.

Knowing all this, you can now say goodbye to the terrible headaches when you left the keys thrown away or without remembering where you have put them. Some other method may require more time to open the central locking system, but for that reason they are not complicated to execute, as well as a professional can, that job you can also do and for greater joy you will end up saving money.

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