> How to open a closed door from the inside

How to open a closed door from the inside

Did you leave a room and when you tried to enter again it was locked from the inside? Don’t cry out for help! We bring you some recommendations on how to open a closed door from the inside that you can apply to solve this problem quickly and easily.

Using the key

The best way to open a door that is locked from the inside is by using the key from the outside. You may already know this, but it never hurts to remember that before using brute force forcing or breaking both the lock and the door, there is a logical option that we can resort to.

That is why whenever we find ourselves in front of a closed door on the inside we can look for a second key, in case the main one has been lost. If not, then there is no other option than to start the techniques to open a closed door from the inside without having the key.

With an old credit card

For this we must use a resistant card, that does not break with pressure, hard enough to push the metal latch from the frame to the lock. We can use a preferably old credit or prepaid card to avoid damaging a new one.

  • The important thing is that it must be inserted above the latch. This is located between the door and the frame; the latch is the fragment of the lock that keeps the door closed. And, the card should be located about 15 centimeters above this. Afterwards, we will begin to perform an up-down movement while applying pressure.
  • When we run into the latch, it will be difficult for us to move the card. At that moment we must increase the pressure and apply a lever movement; We will do it by tilting the card in the opposite way, that is, towards the lock.
  • This movement will serve to lift the latch and allow the door to open. If it doesn’t work for us the first time, we can help each other by pushing the door together; supporting our body would be enough to open it.

With an x-ray

This procedure is similar to the previous one, although radiography is easier of slipping. Pay attention to the technique that you will know below:

  • X-rays in general are large acetate plates, but we can adjust them to a size that we consider adequate to have a better handling, we do this with scissors.
  • Then we only have to introduce the X-ray through the door flange (door-frame space), and go down little by little. If we introduce the corner of the radiograph, the task can be a little easier.
  • By the time we get to the latch, we must apply more pressure and move the X-ray from the inside out to make the latch come out and open the door.

Choose a kitchen cutlery

Another tool that we can use is a cutlery, such as a spoon, fork, or knife. It must be a cutlery that has a thin handle that we can introduce through the slip or place where the latch is.

The most advisable thing is to use a knife, of which you can even use the edge, taking into account that it must be fine to enter but not so much as to break inside when force is exerted.

The application of this method is similar to the previous two:

  • We will introduce the cutlery through the gap between the frame and the door. This time, exactly where the lock slip is; the exact location should be between the latch and the frame.
  • We will press, always trying to place the cover through the frame and the latch. When we notice that the latter has slipped, we will make a lever movement.
  • In the same way, by tilting the cutlery in the opposite position and applying pressure, we will push making a gap, releasing the latch from its starting position. This way the door will be open.
  • Another way we have to open a Door locked from the inside is using an Allen key. These are the recognized hexagonal keys, which are widely used to tighten car screws. They are distinguished by their L-shape
  • When the key has been inserted as deeply as possible, we will turn it in the direction that opens the lock.
  • At the same time, if this lock has a knob or handle, we must turn it in the same direction. As if we were trying to open the lock with the real key. This way the door should open without any difficulty.

We must take into account that our lock must have a hole or eye large enough to insert the Allen key, or in this case have a key with a diameter that can be inserted through the keyhole. If this is not possible, it will surely not work to open the door with this method.

With a hairpin

We can take a hair clip, also known as hairpins. They are accessories used by women, so they are very little missing at home. But if there is no woman in the home, surely a neighbor can help us in this situation.

  • We will take the hook and remove the plastic tips; This is so it doesn’t slip and end up inside the lock. We can do this task with a tweezers.
  • Having removed the tip protector, we will insert the hook through the keyhole with the tips forward. We will try, at this moment, to force the lock by moving the hook in the direction that the key turns. In addition, we will jointly turn the handle or knob if the lock has.

A door closed from the inside does not generate a greater risk, we can open it by our own effort, as you have noticed. It only remains to get down to work and follow the instructions very well, without much effort you will be inside the house.

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