> How to open a closed interior door

How to open a closed interior door

The doors of your house can turn into a headache at any time, imagine that one of your children locked himself in the bathroom or in his room, or that the kitchen door has jammed for no apparent reason, or that the rear door has been damaged in the lock making it unusable.

In this article we will see various methods and tricks to achieve open an inner door that will be very useful to gain access to closed areas of your home causing the least amount of damage possible.

Making lock picks with household objects

You can make a lock pick set using everyday household items. You can get hair pins, which are the best option, but you can also use sturdy paper clips or any piece of stiff wire.

To make a pick you will have to open a fork or unfold a paper clip until it is like a straight stick. Once you have it in this mode, bend the tip of the wand at a 20 degree angle.

Once you have the first pick, proceed to make a tension wrench. Take another hairpin or unfold another paper clip and fold it to obtain an object in the shape of an “L”. This tension wrench should be very strong and resistant, so you should use a hair clip or a rigid and resistant paper clip.

You can also use, as a tension wrench, a flat-head screwdriver or something of equal proportion that fits perfectly in the lower section of the keyhole.

You already have the tension key and the pick made with everyday objects. Now for open an inner door you will have to pick the lock using them.

The first thing is to insert the tension key, or the screwdriver, in the lower part of the lock and flies in the direction that the key would normally take to open it. As you do this you apply tension to the lock.

You should maintain this tension throughout the process. Proceed to move the pick gently within the upper section of the keyhole in an up and down motion.

You will hear a series of clicks as you lift the bolts of the lock. Once you have successfully lifted all the bolts. With the tension key you can turn freely and you can open the door.

Tips on this method

You can use this trick to pick most locks in no time, but it is a method that takes a little practice. If you start to get frustrated, the best thing to do is get some air and start over.

Mastering this trick you can use it to open security bolts and padlocks, but try to use it only on your property or with the permission of the owners, trespassing is a crime that you must pay.

Linked to the previous point, picking locks in this way tends to raise many suspicions, if a neighbor sees you doing it, they will most likely end up calling the police. If you find yourself alone, you can tell a neighbor what you are about to do and start preparing to explain to the police that you are picking your own lock.

Use brute force

Before starting with this method, it is worth remembering a couple of data, this class of methods should only be used in case of not having more options or in emergency cases. It is best to call a locksmith before resorting to these types of actions, but if it is an emergency situation you will have to carry them out.

Never try to open a door with your shoulder, doing that will only injure you and the door will not open, real life is not a movie of Hollywood. With this in mind, we will proceed to explain how to use force to open an inner door.

The kick method

This is a very intrusive method to open a door, once you have not managed to open the door by other means you can proceed to use a little excessive force.

What you should do is deliver a forceful and precise kick directed at the height of the lock. If just one isn’t enough, try landing a few more kicks. If it takes longer than expected it may be that your door is reinforced, kick it taking a few breaks so that your kicks do not lose force.

Use a ram

If you find yourself in a situation such that it is more feasible for you to use a ram than to call a locksmith, you can make one using a manual construction hammer, those used to drive electric poles into the ground.

Go and buy a manual construction hammer, make sure it is medium long and has long enough handles on both sides. Once you have it, proceed to fill it partially or completely with cement, make sure that the cement has completely dried before using the hammer.

Once you have the ram ready, start hitting the door using a side throw. Try to direct the blow at the closing mechanism. You should push the hammer back with both hands, standing perpendicular to the entrance.

After assuming this position, lean forward and slam the door knocker on the door. It will only take a couple of knocks for the door to give and you can pass.

Disadvantages of using force

We are facing a method that can compromise your physical integrity, you just need to use a bad move or have a miscalculation to have an accident that harms your health.

Also, the most likely thing is that the door frame, the lock and even the door itself will end up ruined so be prepared to replace them.

It is a method that will require a lot of effort, not everyone can carry it out without suffering some injury or discomfort.

Due to all this, you should take it into account only as a last resort and in case of emergency, before doing it, it is best to think about calling a locksmith.

Finally, it is worth remembering that being locked in a bathroom can be classified as an emergency. If one of your children is in this situation, start trying to open the door as soon as possible. By all means possible, if it doesn’t work, call on your local emergency numbers.

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