> How to open a closed interior door

How to open a closed interior door

We came to think that the more doors and locks our home has, the safer it will become, and in a way, that may be true. But so many things can backfire when you have a key or lock mechanism problem. For example, it may hang or stop working properly.

In these cases, some people prefer to seek the help of professional locksmiths. However, there are other people who dare to solve the problem themselves.

And the first option is very successful, but many of the problems can be resolved faster than you think without calling a locksmith.

That is why in this article we intend to help those who take the initiative and resolve difficulties with their own hands. So if you are part of that group of people, we invite you to stay with us, we have a small list of methods on how to open a closed interior door without having to sweat so much to achieve it.

Wool yarn method

What do we know about wool? Our knowledge of wool will lead us to review that it is a fiber of animal origin, coming mainly from animals such as sheep, llamas, rabbits.

It is obtained through a process known as shearing, which consists of cutting the fur or fleece of these animals, this material is used mainly in the textile industry for the manufacture of pieces of clothing, such as sweaters, socks, sacks, gloves , among other garments. Knowing all this, how can this material help us to open a closed interior door?

The method is recommended when the key has been lost and consists of obtaining a sufficient amount of wool thread to line the teeth of a key, it is necessary that said key can be inserted through the keyhole, so that the function of the trowel is to fill or fill the gaps between the teeth of the key so that the lock mechanism can be tampered with.

This is achieved when the key manages to force the pistons to their open position, something very similar to work done by a bumping key.

To carry out a correct application, the following steps must be followed:

  • Take the key and line the area where the teeth are, completely and with enough wool thread. But without exaggeration.
  • It will be enough when the key is covered but can be inserted through the keyhole, not necessarily completely, but without being forced.
  • The wrench is then given several strokes with a hammer, moderate strokes that make the wrench fully insert and thus force the pistons of the mechanism.
  • Finally with a natural movement you must turn the key and open the lock.
  • If you have not been able to open the door, try adding a little more wool to the teeth of the key. It may be possible that the height reached with the thread the previous time was not enough to force the pistons.

Plastic card method

To carry out this method, it will be necessary to have a plastic card, regardless of whether it is a credit, prepaid, membership card, etc. Although it should be taken into account that it can be damaged, choosing an old or no longer used card would be ideal.

Now, before trying to open, we must consider that the main action of a lock falls on a piece called a latch. This is nothing more than the one in charge of closing the door when entering the strike, which is a metal plate with a hole that is located in the frame and is intended for this purpose.

This method goes through the following steps for its execution:

  • Introducing the plastic card involves first locating ourselves near the handle or cylinder of the lock that is in the area where the door opens. In this place, a slot is created through which we insert the card at the height of the handle, making contact with the latch.

It is important that the frame does not contain a security tab as this step and in general the entire method cannot be performed.

  • Keeping the card in contact with the latch, we push the door with our body to make the latch move a little.
  • At this moment, we move the card from left to right, looking for it to fit between the latch and the frame, for the latch to be raised with the first movement and to go back with the second.
  • The last step will be to turn the handle so that the latch does not return to its position and the work will be ready.

Allen key method

Allen keys are common because of their shape and the type of screws that fit with these types of keys. They are also known as hexagonal keys and are used in mechanical work, for this reason it should never be missing in the toolbox that we have in cars.

How to open with an Allen key? It is necessary to have a hexagonal key that has the appropriate dimensions to enter through the keyhole, to be able to force the parts system that make it up inside.

We emphasize that this method is recommended for simple knob locks because its security mechanism is easy to open. Now, follow the next steps:

  • We take the Allen key from the shortest part and insert it through the keyhole, so that the longest will remain inside the lock.
  • We push until we notice that it fits into a piece located at the bottom of the lock.
  • If we have not been able to fit it into the piece, we remove it and reinsert it into the keyhole until we can.
  • We only have to turn the Allen key together with the knob clockwise so that the door can open.

How to open a door with a credit card / shims – Life hack

How to open a door with a credit card / shims – Life hack

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