> How to open a combination FAC safe

How to open a combination FAC safe

Although safes have been on the market for some years, they are still a good option for those individuals or organizations that want to store or protect certain valuables. The reason is that it is still a challenge for many to appropriate an object protected in a safe.

FAC is a company that has been dedicated since 1931 to the design, manufacture and distribution of security elements such as safes, locks, mailboxes, among others, for both domestic and professional use.

FAC security systems are among the safest, so if you do not have the password, open a safe this guy will never be an easy task. However, there are ways we can do it, so to help you we will show you the methods of how to open a combination FAC safe.

Remember, only apply these techniques if you are the owner and you have no other way to access the contents of the box. If you try to seize or extract objects from a safe that does not belong to you, it is preferable that you stop reading and avoid committing criminal acts, these can lead you to jail.

Combination method

Safes have a kind of wheel with numbers that turns, and in it the correct combination is placed to open the box. So this method consists of getting the correct combination of numbers so that the discs that comprise the internal safety mechanism open the lock.

This method is usually complicated since we must be very attentive in the procedure, since the key is obtained through the sounds emitted by the internal gears.

  • You will start by turning the wheel to the right, in this way the wheel will be disengaged from the internal notches.

You can place your ear next to the door to hear better or if you have a stethoscope you can take advantage of it (this is the tool that doctors use to listen to the heartbeat.

  • While you move the wheel there will be a point where two clicks will be heard, having to locate exactly where the sound is, because after this you have to turn the wheel exactly 180 degrees.

This is also known as parking the wheel. From now on, every time the wheel is moved it will be heard every time it passes through the station.

  1. The next step is to count the number of discs. This is made possible by detecting the number of “clicks” that are heard.

Once the number of discs is known, we will go to the final phase, knowing the numbers of the combination.

  1. The wheel will have to be zeroed, turning it to the right again, then turning to the left and we will have to write down the numbers shown on the wheel each time a double click is heard.

So, until it is found a corresponding number for each disc. Once this is done, all possible combinations should be tried until the lock manages to open the safe.

Pressure use method

Bear in mind that from this method on, the applications to be made will cause damage to the safe.

The method is to use a lever or pressure mechanism to pull the door away from the frame so that the latch is clear. A method of forces in which we must be careful not to harm ourselves.

The current safes of the medium security range are protected with a system against this method, in which a very small space is left between the frame and the door, reducing the possibility of using a lever and applying force in this space.

Drill method

For this method, of course, we will need a drill. It must be taken into account that depending on the material with which the box is made, it must be the drill or wick to use. The smartest thing to do is use special bits, as safes are designed to withstand drill damage.

Some special wicks are made of materials such as aerated concrete or manganese alloys, which are very resistant. Carbide or diamond tip bits or bits can be used, these bits are stronger than steel.

The method consists of drilling the door of the safe as close to the security system, in order to see the gears and obtain their combination. This would expose the box and even if it is not incapacitated, it will lose all the essence of security it provides.

Radial or emery method

Like the previous one, this method can make the safe unusable, so when we get the objects that we have inside, it will probably have to be discarded.

Before performing the procedure, it must be determined or concluded of what material the safe is made. If your structure is made of aluminum powder base or alloy, for example, steel plus aluminum powder. This method cannot be done because radials have no effect on these types of materials.

If there is no problem with the alloy with which the safe is built, we will proceed to cut it. It is recommended to start with some of the sides or perhaps cutting the top is an easier job to do.

Torch method

Carrying out a torch cut is recommended for specialists who master the work with this tool, because it is very dangerous due to the high operating temperature and its great cutting power.

Even so, the cutting power of a torch is incredibly powerful. There are materials where the torch has no effect, such as corundum or alumina oxide. It is important to note that the price of safes that have this type of material is very high.

The torch method consists of cutting some area of ​​the safe to gain access to its interior. Similarly, it is recommended to make cuts on the sides or on the top.

How to open a mechanical combination safe lock

How to open a mechanical combination safe lock

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