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How to open combination safe

Safes are used in homes, hotels, banks, businesses, in short, in multiple spaces. So it comes as no surprise that when choosing them we must take into account the place, the need and the level of security required. For this reason, it is very important to know the types of safes or their mechanisms.

Types of safes

Among the types of safes we can mention those that have a security system based on a key lock. And, safes that require a combination to open.

We dedicate our article to the latter, so if you have a problem with one of these boxes, we bring you important information about how to open combination safe.

Manual method

This method will allow us to open the safe by placing the correct combination regardless of if we don’t remember the combination. What we must remember is to have as much patience as possible, as it is a method that is usually quite difficult for a novice, as it already is for a professional.

  1. We start by turning the combination wheel several times to the right. If possible about 8 times.

This is because we must first remove the wheels from the internal mechanism in case someone has tampered with it.

  1. Once this step is done, we will turn the combination wheel to the right.

At this point we must pay close attention to our ears, because when the wheel passes exactly by the number of the combination, the internal wheels fit together and emit a double “click” sound.

  1. When we can find this number, we will turn the wheel to the left, until we get the second number.
  2. We carry out the last two steps named until we obtain all the numbers of the combination and open the lock.


  • When we find a number in the combination and it makes a clicking sound, we must stop exactly at the line that points to this number, and then turn in the opposite direction to find the next one. Otherwise, the operation must be carried out again.
  • Write down the numbers and the laps in which they find each one. Do this for the whole combination, in this way, if we fail in the application, we will not have to do all the work again.

It may be necessary to make several turns of the wheel to be able to find, at least, one correct number in the combination, that is; 5 or 6 turns to find it.

Hit method

The reality is that safes were created to make access difficult for people who do not have the combination or, in that case, the key to open it. It sounds incredible to read that there is a method that, with a bang, we can open a safe, but it is the reality.

There are some low- and medium-security combination safes that can be opened with just a simple tap. If you are willing to apply this method, you will need a blunt object, with which you will hit the top of the combination system.

To explain it better; the security system is embedded in the access door of the safe, it is in this frame that we will hit.

While we make the blow, we will constantly turn the handle that allows the door to open. If we do not succeed the first time, we try again, hitting and turning the handle with greater intensity, without exceeding the force applied, as we can cause damage to the safe.

Lever method

This technique has been known and used for many years, it is very effective, but you need to use force. In addition, it is a strategy that will destroy the safe, so we must think very well before trying.

In short, it is about making a lever movement between the door and its frame so that they are separated. The movement must be done with a sturdy tool, so we can use a kickstand.

  1. We make sure that the safe is in a place where it is stable, that is, where it is level and does not move.
  2. We will place the kickstand between the frame and the door.
  3. Later we move the tool towards the back of the box, seeking, in this way, to separate the door from the frame and to be able to open the safe.

One factor that must be taken into account is that you can only pry in safes with a low security level, because boxes with medium and high security levels have protection against this type of action. Because the space between the door and the frame is very small. Therefore, it is practically impossible to insert a tool in this space.

Emery method

Another effective method, although more destructive, is that of the emery, also known as radical or angle grinder; is a motor-driven tool that rotates an abrasive or cutting disc at one end.

Depending on the speed level it can have several functions, if it is in a slow range, it is used as a sander, but if the speed range increases, it is usually used to make cuts. This last feature is the one we will use.

Before beginning to explain the procedure to follow, we recommend being very careful when using an emery board, as the cutting power of this tool is very high and we can hurt ourselves by operating it.

  1. We take the emery, insert a disk into it that fits the material of the box, finally turn it on.
  2. The next thing we will do is make cuts on some of the sides of the safe so that we can enter the interior.
  3. We can cut the edges or, in that case, make cross cuts.

A safe has many benefits when it comes to security, but it causes discomfort if we forget the combination. So take precautions; write it down in a safe place, use a combination number that is associated with different items, but no birthday dates. Avoid future problems!

How to Open Your Safe by Dialing the Combination Lock

How to Open Your Safe by Dialing the Combination Lock

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