> How to open a deadbolt lock

How to open a deadbolt lock

Opening a bolt lock is not an easy thing because it requires great skill with the tools, as well as a high level of patience, since the task would be complex but not impossible.

In this article, we’ll show you how to open a hasp lock with some tricks that could make a project like this, something simpler. Even more so when the reasons that motivate wanting to pick a lock of this magnitude must be very important to take the challenge.

What is true is that when we talk about security we do not want to fall short, and therefore we invest large amounts of money to feel comfortable, although circumstances sometimes play against us and frustration wins us down.

Characteristics of a bolt lock

The deadbolt locks are very decisive because they tend to generate positive reactions in those who seek security for the places they frequent the most. What adds to its favor is the fact that it can be installed on the door you want, as long as it is in perfect condition.

It is common to see them in warehouses, bathrooms and in exterior lattices, due to its metallized structure that can also be welded onto the piece, screwed onto a wood and embedded in any material.

Among them there is a trick that, if you buy one, you should know, and that is the fact that the models include right or left opening locks. That is, in what direction is your door.

At the moment, many brands offer these locks that, over the years, have been gaining prominence, and are no longer exclusive for multi-room structures. Today we find them in any home.

That is why, at present, they have been modernized and are available in two versions, bar and lockable. We will explain each of them in detail below:

Latch lock with key opening

The latch locks with key openings, that is, a double safe, double function. It can be opened and closed from the inside and from the outside with the key, and only from the inside with the bar.

Yes, if you are inside the dwelling in question, you can pass a double insurance, therefore you guarantee maximum security. Where only you can have access. But, if it is the opposite case, it would already be like an ordinary lock.

It is at this point that we realize that not everything is as perfect as we think. This detail makes the difference, so if you want to enter through this door without having a key, you will only need a master key, known as Bumping.

The Bumping method can open most of the locks found on the locksmith market. It’s the headache for some, and salvation for others. It depends on the use that is given to it, whether to do good or evil.

What we will explain below you should only apply it in cases of extreme need, which is justified by valid reasons in a house, office or business that you own.

  • Get a bumping key at a locksmith, detail the characteristics of your lock so that you can give exact clues of the bumping key you will need.
  • When you have it with you, analyze the central keyhole. Take your time. It is for you to clearly understand how the coupling works.
  • You proceed to insert the key quickly; putting it in and taking it out a couple of times. Once this is done, you insert it once more, as final.
  • At this point you will perform several movements at the same time with your wrist, as if you were going to open the door with its original key.
  • Locate an object that will serve you to impact, it can be a piece of wood and even a hard heel shoe. It is for you to hit the key with it. Avoid getting your hand out of hand. This will engage the key and knock down the security bars that hold the lock.
  • To continue, you take the key with one hand and the door lock with the other to pull it towards you, at the same time that you repeat the normal opening turns of your latch lock.

You may hear some sounds; These are nothing other than the unlocking of the pistons. Therefore, this would be a good indication.

  • Finally, after a few tries, repeat the operation until the door opens.

This technique never fails, you just have to take a few tricks and a lot of practice.

Can a steel bar pin lock be opened?

This is a great question. Such time is the one that you are doing at the moment and the answer is quite direct: yes, but, it has more cons than positive points.

The bars of the steel pins were made so that nothing, and no one can violate it, they are strong and resistant.

The point is that if it really is an emergency and you need to enter the house, you will have to go to disassemble the door, because these only have internal access. In order for it to remain closed, there must be someone inside who cannot open it, a child, for example.

The door is then properly disassembled by unscrewing the hinges, using tools that fit each screw.

If for reasons of time, you cannot carry out this task, you can do it violently, forcing the door with a hammer, saw or even a screwdriver that hits key points; such as areas close to the lock installation causing problems.

Think of the physical integrity of all living things involved. You probably have to do this almost out of obligation, but do it without regrets as long as it was for a good cause.

Prevention is never superfluous. Wear protective glasses or gloves so that the fragments that will surely jump there, do not compromise you.

how to pick a deadbolt door lock with bobby pins

how to pick a deadbolt door lock with bobby pins

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