> How to open a Dexter veneer

How to open a Dexter veneer

We know as Dexter a Mexican company in charge of designing and manufacturing security systems. In its repertoire of plates we can find plates with pin, safety and knob mechanisms, as the most common.

Knowing how to open a Dexter sheet will surely no longer be a problem if you follow our recommendations to the letter.

With the impressioning method

It is a method specially designed for locksmith. It is a tool that can be used to force a plate without damaging it, it is recommended for bowler plates, although they are effective for any plate with internal piston mechanism.

This tool arrives in a small briefcase, which contains all the necessary implements to carry out the work, this briefcase can be purchased especially through web stores.

The appearance of the main piece is very similar to a butterfly. In this piece in the shape of a butterfly fit the complementary pieces that are essential for the operation of the general tool. But it is necessary to prepare these complementary pieces so that the entire procedure can be carried out correctly.

  • We must start with the preparation and choice of complementary pieces. So our procedure will begin with the preparation of the metallic paper, which we find among the implements present in the box.
  • Next we must find in the same way a mold designed to condition the metallic paper. This is the closest thing to a plastic card but with a greater thickness.
  • At one of its ends it contains a transverse line, we place paper at the end of the mold and bend it so that it passes over the transverse line, and then cut the metallic paper with an exact one, taking this line as a reference.
  • Now we only have to turn the mold and on the edge of this end we find a groove, we place the piece of metallic paper that we have cut along the groove to give it a U-shape.
  • Having finished with the metallic paper, we have to choose the appropriate adapter for the sheet that we want to open. Inside the box there are a variety of adapters, the way to know which one is indicated is by inserting it through the eye of the plate, the adapter that fits in this is the one we must use.
  • When we have chosen the appropriate adapter, we insert it into the butterfly piece and press the knob at the bottom of the butterfly a little to adjust it. we do start with the assembly of the tool that we will use.
  • The next step is to place a small needle that is between the complementary pieces, we place it in a hole that is on the adapter, to later go to the front of the tool and place the metallic paper that we have conditioned; this is placed completely on the needle so that it is positioned inside the butterfly.

We are ready to open the sheet, now we carry out the following steps:

  • We introduce the part of the adapter through the eye of the sheet.
  • We loosen the lower knob of the butterfly and remove the needle and then tighten the knob again.
  • Now what we do is turn the butterfly at both ends of its wings until the plate is unlocked and is open.

With the use of pick lock

The use of lock picks dates back many years, some say that it was the British who invented and began to implement them by Back in the 1800s, which were also adapted and perfected over the years.

If we detail a pick we can say that it is an elongated metal tool, of little thickness and with a kind of hook on one of its tips, this is worked together with another L-shaped metal tool called a tension wrench.

Picking is a very common technique among professionals. Now in our times, there is a movement that has been in charge of promoting sports picking, putting the qualities and techniques of the participants to the test.

It is very important to note that a person who is not familiar with this practice may find it somewhat difficult to use it, although the difficulty of this method lies in hitting the internal pistons and hitting them with enough force to stabilize them.

The use of the pick turns out to be easy to explain:

  • We must work with the tension wrench and insert it in the lower area of ​​the eye of the sheet.
  • Then we turn it slightly towards where the sheet opens and we maintain the pressure.
  • Now it is the turn of the pick, we insert it above the tension key making movements from top to bottom to move the internal pistons, level them and unlock the mechanism.
  • At this time the cylinder of the sheet metal will be released. If we turn the tension key, we can open the sheet with just this movement.

Use of electric pick

Perhaps all that difficulty that we have mentioned about the use of pickling is part of the past with technological advances. The creation of an electric pick has been a reality for some years now, as there are several companies that have opted for the creation of this tool seeking to simplify the use of this method.

And to do this we must acquire an electric pick in physical stores or via the internet.

  • The application begins with the implementation of the tension wrench, we insert it through the lower part of the eye of the sheet, turn it and keep the pressure to the side where the sheet opens.
  • Then, we insert the tip of the electric pick above the tension key, turn on the electric pick making movements up and down with it and let the work finish.

The ease that the use of this type of picks gives us is enormous. Because this tool is electric or automated, it performs rotary movements hitting the pistons, easily placing them in their open position. What with a manual pick it would take much longer due to the inaccuracy of the tool.

EVVA [EURO cylinder exploration series] – picked and gutted

EVVA [EURO cylinder exploration series] – picked and gutted

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