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How to open a door

Open a door It is a simple action that we all do many times a day, most of the time it is simple, but there are times that it tends to become more complicated, like when you lose the key, when it gets stuck, when you break the key inside, among others.

In this article we will explore a variety of methods to open different doors in the midst of different circumstances, some will be easy to do and others will require some effort and practice to carry them out, you must be patient and not despair to achieve open the door that is obstructing your way.

The broomstick method

Before starting to talk about this trick, you should bear in mind that it does not work on all locks. To use this trick, the door lock you are trying to open must be a rim lock.

Rim lock is a very peculiar type of lock, most of the locks are embedded inside the door, however, rim locks, as their name suggests, are placed on the door, so that the lock protrudes into door frame.

It is a type of lock that is not used a lot, this is due to several reasons, first it is a type of anti-aesthetic lock, and also it is a very insecure lock, this is because it is very easy to infringe.

In addition, not only does it need to be a rim lock, some doors have a considerable space between the bottom and the floor, this space will be crucial for open the door with a broomstick.

To start with this trick you will have to get a broomstick, once you have it proceed to remove the brush, leaving the stick alone, the brush will only obstruct the path of the stick.

Then lie down on the floor and begin to insert the stick under the door. Also reach in your hand as far as you can so that you can maneuver the broomstick.

Once your hand is inside the house with the stick grasped, try to direct it towards the door sill, it will be somewhat laborious, but not much, just have a little patience.

Try to get the stick to fit into the latch and move it in the opposite direction to the lock, which you normally do by hand to open the door from the inside. In this way the door will open and you will be able to enter.

If it is complicated because you do not see what you are doing, you can use a hand mirror, place it under the door in such a way that it shows you the latch of the door, in this way it will be easier to fit the broomstick.

Advantages and disadvantages of this method

The biggest disadvantage of this trick is its difficult access, the type of lock required is very little used and the space under the door is currently very small in most houses.

Another big disadvantage is the force required to achieve this. To open the door using a broomstick, you will need to use a lot of hand force at an unusual angle while lying on the ground.

For its part, it has a couple of advantages that balance the scale, it does not require many items and the broomstick is an object that any neighbor can provide you with.

It is a very easy way to open the door. Once you get the hang of it, it will be extremely easy to use this method. Furthermore, the integrity of your door will not be compromised, it does not cause any damage to the door or the lock.

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How to open your car door

Another equally common and embarrassing situation is leaving the car keys inside, or worse, misplacing them. Buying a spare pair of keys never seems necessary until you lose them.

The first method to open the door of your car without using the keys consists of using the laces of your shoes, this trick is only useful for the doors that are opened by pulling up the lock.

You must tie a small loop in the middle of your shoelace, this loop can then be tightened, once this is done, start working the chain on the door. Once this is done, pull the narrow mechanism that is around the lock and to finish, pull upwards, a couple of attempts should be enough if it is the first time.

Another method you can use is using a screwdriver. You should have on hand, in addition to the screwdriver, a steel bar and a little time. Actually, any long object will do the same thing, so the more clutter there is, the easier it will be to find a good substitute.

This method is not highly recommended because it can cause damage, both outside and inside the vehicle, but if you are going to carry it out, do so carefully.

The third and last method for open the door of your car without using the key requires an inflatable wedge. This object is not so easy to get but it can be replaced by an inflatable ball or any item that expands easily.

What you will have to do is place the inflatable wedge in the gap of the closed door and begin to inflate, the expansion of the wedge will separate the door a little from the outside of the car, once you have enough space you will only have to use a tool to open the door from the inside, it will take a precise hand.

How to open a closet door

If you want to open a closet in your house, but cannot find the key to it, you can use a hair clip, most of them the closets are simple lock. These are the ones that you just have to push a little to open.

What you will have to do is insert the two ends of the hair hook and turn it in the direction in which it opens, if you do not know or do not remember which way you should turn the hook, you will have to turn it from side to side until it opens.

You can also use a couple of paper clips. This method will be useful for other types of locks, what you should do is unfold the clips so that they are straight, one of the clips will serve as a pressure key for which you must bend the tip, it should be in an L shape, the Another clip will be your pick so you should leave it straight. Insert the first clip with constant pressure. Then insert the last clip and move it upwards, this one aims to move the internal mechanisms of the lock. Once you have moved this mechanism the door will open, it sounds more complicated than it is, just give it a try and become an expert.

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