> How to open a door cylinder

How to open a door cylinder

If you have had a problem with a lock, you came to the right place, we know how to solve it. For our fortune there are ways to open every lock that may exist. Including the most complex ones, that is, the solution to open a lock is not only the keys. There are other ways!

So if you have arrived here because you lost your keys or they have definitely disappeared and additionally the lost keys are from a bowler hat, you are in luck! We have some techniques of how to open a door bowler, so that even a newbie in the field can do it.

With a lock pick kit

Needless to say, lock picks will always be a good option because they are a very efficient technique, so much so that it is commonly used by expert locksmiths. As you are surely new to this aspect, you will need a little training before working with the picks, or maybe you have a little luck and open the lock on the first try.

The first task is to get some good lock picks. We can start by looking in virtual stores, because in physical stores it may be difficult for us, since some require credentials.

  1. When we have the lock picks, we will start working with the tension wrench; This is the metal L shape or hook tool. We will introduce it through the widest part of the keyhole and we will press.
  2. Later we will introduce the pick, it has a kind of hook at one of its ends, we must introduce it with this hook forward, in the same way, through the keyhole.
  3. Now we will make movements up and down trying to move the pistons, starting with the one that is closest to us.
  4. At this time we must tune our ears, because when the piston is leveled it sounds. This means that we are done with this piston and we can continue with the next one.

It must be taken into account that most of the cylinders have pistons both in the upper part and in the lower part, we must condition our work with respect to this. When we have all the pistons leveled we will have the mission accomplished, the door open.

Using a needle

If we cannot find picks, you can use a needle that is not so small and fine, that is the appropriate size to go through the keyhole and level the pistons. We will also need a resistant wire, but not so thick, that we can mold and give an L shape to introduce it, in the same way, through the keyhole.

We will work with these tools as explained in the previous case, first inserting the bent wire through the thick part of the keyhole; This will serve as a tension key to apply pressure.

Then we will insert the needle through the thin part of the keyhole, making movements that seek to level the pistons that are in the internal system of the cylinder, in order to open the lock when they are completely level.

In the same way, we can replace the picks with wire, paper clips, among other things, applying the same procedure that has just been explained.

Using bumping key

Many warn of the danger that bumping keys represent, because they have been used on multiple occasions by thieves who have easily entered the interior of homes to commit theft.

That is why the application of this technique must be done with responsibility, being careful with those who may be observing, especially if they are children who may try to repeat the process in other places. Also have the responsibility of using these keys only to open the doors of our house and not that of third parties.

To apply the bumping key we must have a hammer at hand, preferably a rubber one. Because we must insert the key in the hole of the lock and give it a light blow with the hammer to push it to the bottom.

Subsequently, we turn the key and open the door bowler. If the key does not turn it is because it did not reach the right place, we must give another blow and turn, that way the door will be open.

If you can’t get a bumping, you can make one at home. Of course, the effectiveness may depend on the good eye and the skill of the person making it.

Using a drill

One of the definitive tools with which a cylinder can be opened is with a drill, knowing that by applying this technique we will permanently damage the cylinder and we will have to change it after application. We can take this application into account in case of an emergency if you do not find a quick way to access the interior of the house.

Before starting the drill, we must find the drill bit with the smallest thicknessIdeally, it should be carbon and high-speed triangular in shape. What we want is to drill exactly below the cylinder, precisely in the center of the cylinder. Additionally, we may need a sturdy wire and a flat-blade or flat-blade screwdriver.

  1. We will start with placing the bit in the drill.
  2. We turn on the drill and make, with great caution, a hole where we have indicated; in the center, just below the cylinder, as far as it will go, if the entire bit can be inserted.
  3. The lock should open after this, but if the cylinder is stuck, we can take the flat screwdriver, insert it in the keyhole and turn it.

If the lock did not open after drilling the hole, the pistons may be stuck. Now we must work with the wire and introduce it through the hole we have made and try to move the pistons. We can also introduce it through the keyhole.

When we unlock the pistons we have to turn the lock as we have already tried with the flathead screwdriver.

Locks are part of our life, so we must know how to deal with them, both with the benefits that they can give, and with the difficulties that they can generate.

2 ways to drill door cylinder lock

2 ways to drill door cylinder lock.

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