> How to open a door that is locked from the inside

How to open a door that is locked from the inside

Sometimes we may leave in a hurry to work or an important appointment and with the trouble that we are going to be late somewhere let’s finish leaving the key stuck at the door and this becomes a problem for us when entering the house.

We end up having a nuisance due to our own carelessness, then we will call the locksmith, wait for him to arrive and finally wait for him to open our lock and we can enter our house, because if you do not want to go through this again then stay with us and discover how open a door locked from the inside.

Open doors with keys inside and get rid of a headache

This is usually more common problems than you think, so here I will leave you some tips for this problem. Although before starting with magic they have to take one thing into account before trying open these doors.

First of all, the door can only be opened if the lock of it is not passed, that is, we can open doors with keys in place, but this will become an impossible task when the key that is attached to the door is turned.

Tips for opening a door inside

Ok let’s start from the beginning, first of all we have to be sure that our lock is not made of friction cylinders, so we will start by putting another key that also belongs to the same lock and we will try to open. The friction cylinders will allow us to open the locks from inside and outside at the same time.

These as I said are called friction cylinder locks or double clutch locks this will allow us to insert a second key and be able to turn it even when there is already a key inserted from the other side, this is a secret that some locks have which very few know .

In fact, when locksmiths are called in to open doors with keys inside They usually check first if the lock they are going to treat has friction cylinders and if so, they can open it even easier with a master key or even just using a precision pick.

If we already check that our lock does not have friction cylinders then we can try to remove the key from inside from the outsideFor this we have to insert a key from the outside and with the help of an object such as a hammer we will give the key sharp and strong blows until we get the key out of the interior with the impulse that we give to the other.

We can also do it this way. We will use some resistant wire, or a hair pin or also a hook or a clip, we will stretch it as much as we can until it is completely straight and smooth.

Now what we will do with this wire is to insert it through the keyhole to try to push and remove the key that is inside. For this we have to exert pressure on the wire, perhaps some blows that make the key come out. This method is usually very effective and almost always works.

But this method is not always effective or does not usually work with more modern locks, if our lock is something old, it is most likely that it is a simple lock, so this method will only be very effective. This method will not work with locks that are more modern and obviously the key must not be out of date.

Ok I know that this is already a classic, to use cards, cards, X-rays or plastic bottles to open a door, we only have to insert the card through the light of the door, the space between the door and the frame. And then we have to go down until we force the latch on the door.

With the card we are going to push the latch of the lock towards the inside of it, here what we are doing is using the card as a lever. While we are doing this we have to be pushing the door so that we can force it, it will also be useful to use an object to pry from the bottom of the door.

Ok, I must say that this technique has been so practiced that it has even become a classic that can work most of the time it is practiced. Although it must also be said that it is a very difficult technique to be practiced perfectly and to practice it you have to be patient in case you cannot open the lock in the first attempts.

We can also use a Bumping key or master key, with this tool we can open any type of lock. Of course, it is obvious that not everyone will sell you a set of Bumping keys since they are a very delicate tool for anyone to have.

These are used by locksmiths to open door locks, and although they may not be sold to you in any hardware store or market, we can get a set of these online and at very good prices.

With the Bumping keys or the master keys we will only have to insert it in the keyhole and with a couple of strokes the pistons should give way in a simple way, so opening the door will not be complicated at all using this key.

But, in short, you just have to remember that it is not the end of the world, there are always alternative ways to knock down the door of your house just because I keep the key in this. There are very simple methods as well as more complex ones, but this depends on the type of lock.

You also have to remember that these are methods that will only deteriorate your lock and door, so it is best to call an expert locksmith to help us with this problem and be a little more careful the next time we leave the house.

Euro Cylinder – Key on the Inside

Euro Cylinder – Key on the Inside

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