> How to open a door with a broken lock

How to open a door with a broken lock

Are you in trouble because your door lock is broken and you don’t know how to open it? I tell you that on one occasion I was in a great hurry to get out of the house, I ran from side to side picking up things because I was running late to get to work. I put everything away, ate while I picked up, and tried to do it in a hurry. When I only had 30 minutes to go I got ready to leave, I took the door handle and turned it and it stayed in my hand. How could it happen?

Then I found out that it wasn’t my fault, someone else hurt her, but I wasted a few precious minutes of my time. And I say minutes because the breakage of the handle did not prevent me from opening the door, since, although this is part of the mechanism, the key hole was not affected.

So even though I broke the handle, luckily I only had to dig inside my things for the key to open the door. So I turned the key inside The lock and I opened as normally happens from the outside of the door. That is a valid way of how to open a door with a broken lock.

When a lock is broken

There are several ways in which we can consider a lock to be broken. For example, we can say that a lock is broken when it simply does not open with its own key. Either because it does not rotate or because it rotates but without activating any mechanism or simply without opening.

Also, a lock is broken when some of its parts are released and there is no way to remove the latch, when the safety does not work, or when we try to turn the handle and it stays in our hand. Even when we try to turn it and it does not perform any type of action. So considering these examples, we have prepared some tips on how to open a door with a broken lock.

If a part has come loose and the slip does not come out

Let’s start by trying to open a door where the mechanism has stopped working internally because something has come loose and we cannot remove the latch. For this, one of the best tools is a sturdy knife. Preferably the knives we use to spread jam on bread. We show you step by step:

  • You place the knife about 6 inches above the slip. That should be in the slot between the door and the wall frame. The knife must be inclined, as if we were going to nail it, but with 30 degrees of inclination.
  • We lower the knife by applying a little pressure as we approach the slip and we incline it a little towards the door trying to create an angle that allows it to enter the hole where the latch rests.
  • Once there, we push the knife as far as possible and make movements to try to remove the latch or slip. The most common movement is to lower the knife handle until it is perpendicular to the slot or in a horizontal position.
  • From there we lever so that the tip inserted in the frame moves towards the door.
  • Meanwhile, we move the part of the knife in our hand in the opposite direction to remove the latch.

This method also works when the key enters the hole but does not turn. Although it is not completely broken, sometimes we think of it that way.

If the insurance was broken while past

This issue is tricky when we are on the outside of the door. We are going to place ourselves in a situation: we have a door whose lock is failing and we do not repair it in time, suddenly we close with the active lock and when trying to access, the door does not open. There begins the cry for help.

The previously applied knife method might work. But no trying with a card because that would be an impossible task. But there are other things you can do:

  • Find a copy of the key or the key to another door with a similar lock. File a little bit the tips of that key, until it enters the hole, if you need to push it you can help yourself with a rubber hammer. You turn from one side to the other until the safety is removed.
  • Use a screwdriver, insert it through the keyhole and make movements as if it were a key.

It should be noted that this method is applicable to open internal doors that have basic locks.

If the door handle is broken

If you kept the door handle in hand and you cannot open it with a key, as in the case stated at the beginning, the option is to disarm the lock. For this you can use a screwdriver, or if you prefer, a drill.

  • With the drill you make a hole in the keyhole or what is left of it. This tends to release the latch to open the door.
  • If you have a chance to disassemble the lock, use the drill and disassemble it. You just have to be careful not to get hurt.

When the knob breaks, the knob locks have a hole left in which you can see the mechanism that removes the latch. If this is your case, you just have to identify it, insert a screwdriver or a knife and pull the mechanism. Finally the latch will pop out.

When the handle doesn’t work

This is a common case and the solution is simple. Sometimes the handle sticks and does not move, or moves and does not remove the skid, well, it broke! Well, you can surely open it using the key. As if you were to pass the insurance or open from the outside. To be more specific:

  • Place the key in its entrance and turn to perform the action you want (open or close).
  • Keep the key in sight because it will be necessary every time you need to open the door. Therefore, the ideal thing is to change the lock.

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are many ways to open a lock, there is only what identify the fault and insurance these tricks will help you.

How to open a jammed door. Internal, inward opening, broken latch or handle.

How to open a jammed door. Internal, inward opening, broken latch or handle.

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