> How to open a door with a card

How to open a door with a card

Opening a door is a very simple action to perform, you insert the key in the lock, you turn it and presto! Open door. But what if you left the key lost somewhere? Or, if on the other hand, did you leave the key inside the house? This will complicate things a bit more.

There are several tricks to open a door without having the key but in this article we will focus on one, open a door with a card. Any card will be useful, although it is better to use a credit card, here we will show you everything about this trick.


If you put the keys back inside the house and you don’t know how to enter, you can use a simple card, any card works, especially credit ones, but be careful, with the effort it can be that you end up spoiling it being useless.

It can be any card that is laminated, make sure it is flexible, however, it must have a certain level of hardness, after all we will try to pick a lock.

This trick will only work for opening doors with a single knob lock and spring latch or slanted edge locks. If your door has another type of lock, it is best to try another trick or call a trained locksmith directly who will open your door in less time.

It also does not hurt to remember that the door must be locked without a key, if you have passed the insurance before leaving, you will not be able to open the door using this credit card trick and you will have to resort to another trick.

But if you don’t have a locksmith’s number or are in the middle of an emergency and need to get into your home quickly, and if your door meets the aforementioned requirements, try open your door with a card to be able to enter.

Insert the card into the slot

Once you have the card in your hand you must do the following; visualize the gap between the door frame and the area of ​​the door where the lock is located.

Slide the card through that slit applying a little force, keep the card pointing towards the side of the lock, in this way it will be better inserted into the slanted edge, once you feel that it has slid and has positioned itself behind the edge, push the card into the lock, this should push the latch into the lock.

If you cannot find the latch, slide the card from top to bottom until you feel some resistance and continue to use force, it will require some motor ability to unlock the door, you must be patient.


Remember to exhaust all your options before continuing with this trick, check that there is no other opening through which you can enter your home, you can try to enter through a window, this can be dangerous, try it only if you fully trust your abilities.

If your house has alternative entrances, such as a back door, you should go check first, maybe some other member of the family left this door open and you will save yourself the effort if you enter through there.

If it gets too complicated for you, you can try applying a little lubricating spray on the slit to make the path of the card easier by making it slide through the mechanisms in a simpler way.

Choose well the card you will useRemember that the process can ruin your card so it is best to use one that is not very important, from a bank that you no longer use or a laminated card that you have in your wallet for a long time and that is not useful.

However, the card you must use has to be large and flexible. Flexibility is important for the card to slide through the tight recesses of the door slot.

Apart from being flexible, the card must be resistant, remember that the process can ruin a credit card, use a resistant card that may be able to push the latch more easily.

If you find that it is difficult for you to push the card to the latch, try cutting one of the sides of it until it is in the shape of a “V” in this way it will be easier for it to slide through the slit.

While you are sliding the card through the slot, try pushing the door with your other hand, this will make it easier to finally open it.

You will be leveraging when moving the card from left to right, remember that you will have to be patient and make several attempts, start by sinking the card and moving it from top to bottom until you find the latch and proceed with the rest of the steps.


Open the door with a card It is a very advantageous trick for a number of reasons, one of which is its ease of use.

You don’t have to try too hard to open a door with a card You just have to have a little patience and use the above advice to the letter.

It is easy to access, many tips to open a door include elements that require some effort to get, instead the credit card or laminated cards are an item that most of us always carry in our purse or purse.

This trick does not cause significant damage to your door, it is a trick that will not compromise the integrity of your door, many tricks consist of damaging the lock system or the door frame, this trick, instead, only consists of use a card to press the latch to open the door.


This is a trick that can seriously ruin your credit card, making it unusable for other types of purposes, such as shopping with it.

It is a trick that requires some practice to be mastered, if it is the first time that you will carry it out, it is normal that it takes a long time to open your door, although not always. Don’t despair and keep trying.



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