> How to open a door with a hairpin

How to open a door with a hairpin

Have you ever been locked in for not having keys to a door? If so, you should know that this experience is very frustrating, in addition, it can fill us with anxiety and helplessness because we do not know what to do. But don’t worry, you are in the right place. We have the solution!

If for some reason you get locked in a room, don’t despair! You just have to look for an alternative that helps you in such a situation.

In consideration of the above, you should know that there are infinities of techniques with which you can speed up and solve these types of incidents. So to know What open a door with a hairpin, for example, it always helps and when you have the right tools.

If you dare to use it, let’s see step by step how to use it:

On doors with a knob lock

The first thing to do is look at the lock that contains the door. In general, the knob locks are much easier to pick with this tool than other types of locks, and the reason is that these, or at least the simple knob locks, deactivate their security with a button. that when shooting releases the safety.

If this is the case, you should only:

  1. Find a hairpin, the kind that women often use in their hair.
  2. Once you have it, you must condition it for the procedure:
  3. Remove the plastic pieces from the tips. This will prevent them from getting stuck inside the lock or making their entry impossible.
  4. If you cannot remove them with your hands, you can use a pliers to do it with more security and force.
  1. With the tool ready, insert it with the tips forward through the keyhole, as deep as possible.
  2. Then, you must take the knob and turn it together with the fork pushing inwards. In this way, the internal mechanism of the lock will be forced and the safety will be deactivated. Allowing that, when turning the knob again, the door opens.

Another way to do it: If your doorknob door has the hole like a round eye, you can do the following:

  1. Fold the bobby pin in half creating a 90 degree angle. Keeping its original shape, that is to say: without disassembling it.
  2. Insert the end opposite the ends of the fork through the keyhole, holding it by the bent end as if it were an L key.
  3. Push the fork to the bottom of the hole, once it bottoms out, press and turn as you move the knob.

This combination removes the lock and allows the door to be opened.

On doors with pin or piston locks

If the door you want to open is of another type, the technique may vary a bit, since its internal mechanism is made up of metal pins or pistons that secure the cylinder, preventing it from deactivating and opening.

So to open that door you must:

  • In this opportunity, we will not have a fork, two of them will be needed. So find a pair.
  • Remove the plastic knots at the ends to prevent them from getting in the way.
  • The first hair clip will need to be stretched so that it becomes a long, flat metal piece.
  • Then use a tweezer to slightly bend one of the tips so that a hook of a few millimeters is formed. This piece will be the one with which you will move the pins inside.
  • Bend the other end of the hook over itself generating an L key, to shape it into a handle and thus hold it better.
  • You will have to open the next fork to form a 90 degree angle, but you will not make a hook for this, that will be the pressure key that will help you to press the mechanism during the process.
  • Now, insert the lever through the keyhole, as low as possible. You must introduce the curved part, leaving the tips outside.
  • Turn it as if you were opening it with the original key and hold it. The idea is to ensure where the cylinder turns, to facilitate the next unlocking.
  • Insert the missing fork. Position it tip-up and feel as many pistons as you can. This will help you get a mental picture of how many pins you should work with.
  • Make up and down movements according to the pins there are. What is sought is to move them from the position they occupy to place them in a linear manner and thus free the cylinder.
  • You must sharpen your ear a bit to analyze the sound they make based on their behavior while you manipulate them. This will help you during the force.
  • Remember to keep light pressure with the lever to help you in the process. But don’t exceed the applied force.
  • When you have unlocked all the pins and make sure that none are resisting, take the fork that you use to press and turn it as if you were opening a key.
  • Help a little with your shoulder and push the door open.
  • If you have managed to move all the pistons of the cylinder, there will be no problems in opening. Otherwise, you will have to start the technique from scratch. Some of the pins may not be unlocked or may be lowered by pressure and movement.


  • It is important that you take your time while you work. The best way to avoid mistakes that force you to start over is to go slowly and regularly.
  • Every movement you make during the manipulation of the internal mechanism of the lock, counts to speed up the process. If you manage to maneuver badly, you could damage it.
  • After the work is done, you should consider carefully checking the lock, as there could be caused some damage through the process.
  • You should bear in mind that performing this type of technique on someone else’s doorstep could bring you legal problems. So we advise you to use it only if you are in trouble with any of your property.
  • Mishandling this technique can lead to damage to the lock.

how to pick a door lock with a bobby pin

how to pick a door lock with a bobby pin

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