> How to open a door with a half turn of the key

How to open a door with a half turn of the key

There are many problems that the doors that protect our spaces can present, such as staying closed by accident, breaking the key inside the door or locking the lock with only half a turn of the key.

And hire a locksmith can be very expensive, especially when we almost finished with our budget. Also, it could be an emergency and in those cases waiting would make things worse. So in situations like these it is much easier to find a solution on our own, and it is not that difficult.

So, if your door only managed to turn the key half a turn and it doesn’t turn anymore, we could help you with some tips. You just keep reading so you know What open a door with a half turn of the key.

Insert the key backwards

This technique applies to paddle locks with a cross key that can be locked with half a turn and still we are lucky to get the key. The problem is that when you insert it again to open it does not make any turn.

Well, a very simple way to solve this is to take the oldest copy of the keys, the most worn to insert it through the hole, but in the opposite way how it should be placed.

The key may not fit that way, but with that you can identify how much space the key requires to pass. And the next thing you should do is file the edge of the keyhole so that you can place the key without problems.

The moment you insert the turned key, then you also turn it in the opposite direction. That is to say, if the half key was passed by turning it to the right, this time you must turn the key to the left to get the half turn.

Once the turn is out with the twist, the door will be open. And when it does, you need to insert the key in the proper way and turn it to make sure it opens and closes normally. Only always have the old key on hand because you might need it and if you use a new one you will have to make the hole wider to place it.

Tap lightly

Another technique that you can use to try to open your door is to tap the lock lightly, while trying to open the key with the key.

The idea is to make the door vibrate so that the lock can release pressure and accommodate the internal elements or achieve a good fit of the latch on the metal sheet, since it tends to get stuck due to some unevenness and the weight of the pin can make it impossible for the latch to be given. full turn of key to close.

Lubricate the lock

Using lubricant in locks is necessary for their proper functioning because iron tends to dry out and when this happens it tends to tighten the gears of the parts, making their movements impossible.

So you need to use a lock lubricant, such as graphite powder, on the top of the slip that shows through the gap between the door and the frame. Also apply in the keyhole and the key if it has not stuck, if so and the lubricant is not spray, then use a spray to moisturize.

The next thing is to let the lubricant take effect, so allow it to act for at least half an hour.

Once the time has passed, continue to make the corresponding turns to finish the lap. If it gives, take them now to open it.

Use tweezers or pliers

If the door is left with a half-past key, you probably still have the key inserted without making it out of the cylinder. Then you need to exert just a little pressure to get the pins to engage and the pieces that may be jamming to snap into place.

For that, you will need a rubber hammer and pliers. The rest consists of:

  • Take the pliers and hold the key by moving it, carefully and quickly, from side to side.
  • With the hammer, apply a light blow to the key while continuing to move with the pliers.

As soon as the pins rearrange due to knocks, the key will turn to complete the turn. The next thing is to turn the lock again to open the door.


  1. Make sure you use the right wrench

Sometimes, and by mistake, we do not repair to check that the key that we are about to insert in the lock is the correct one. So because we lead a busy life we ‚Äč‚Äčinsert the first one that seems to be.

So that, if we have a key similar in our bunch and this fits perfectly, it may be the case where it not only enters the door, but also allows the movement of giving half a turn. Which can become a serious problem, forcing you to call a locksmith; Who, given the situation, can also find it difficult to get the key and that can increase spending.

For this reason, you should avoid making this mistake at all costs. Make sure not to insert any key. Make sure the key is correct.

  1. Don’t use faulty key copies

The fact that the lock closes half a turn of the key and does not advance further, may be related to a problem with the key, so it must be examined as well. Especially if it is a copy or if you used it for another purpose, such as ripping or uncovering a bottle.

Thus causing the key to present a defect such as misalignment or breakage in the teeth or saws.

  1. Call a locksmith

If the application of these techniques is not working, it could have a lot to do with the execution. Something could be wrong, maybe a movement or the tools are not as they should.

It is important to understand what our limit is, so if you have one when performing the techniques we describe in this article, do not hesitate to call a locksmith specialist.

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