> How to open a door with a key inside

How to open a door with a key inside

These days, we live days so hectic that sometimes we do not know where our mind is. We are aware of food, children, partner, work, home, car, cell phone and countless other things, all at the same time. This saturation has led us to two things: 1) to depend on mobile personal assistants and 2) to forget things.

An accident that is becoming habitual, is to close the door or accidentally close it and leave the key inside. You will be wondering Why is this happening?Well, the answer is quite simple. The most common places to put our keys are in their designated place (be it a container or special piece of furniture) or in the same lock, in case you go out. So, before a little oversight we can stay outside with a key inside; just like our cars.

If it is your case and you need to open a door with the key inside; keep reading because in this article we will indicate what you can do to solve this situation. Take into consideration that the effectiveness of these tricks will depend on the type of lock you have installed. Alright, let’s get started!

Considerations before proceeding

Before making a decision about what you will do to solve the problem, it is essential that you analyze the situation. This will help you assess the severity of the problem and provide you with better decision making. For this, consider:

Case 1: If the door has been closed and the key is not inside the lock; it will be much easier to open it. This is the most favorable scenario in which you could find yourself (given the situation), because there are no elements that complicate it.

Case 2: In the event that the door has been closed and the key is placed inside the lock, the scenario is somewhat complicated; because we will have to deal with a key. There are locks that do not allow their opening, if a key is inserted at the other end.

Case 3: If the lock has several turns of the key, that is, if the bolt is past; we would be facing the most complicated scenario. This could get worse, if the key was also inserted in the keyhole.

After deducing which of the cases we are in, we will proceed to make the most appropriate decision. If you find yourself in the Case 1 you could try to open the door on your own. Still in the case 2, you have the possibility to make the opening using a little skill. But if you find yourself in the case 3,
the wisest decision will be to contact a locksmith.

Why call a locksmith?

Although the idea of ​​this article is that you can solve the problem yourself, the reality is that sometimes, the task is difficult enough to better leave it in expert hands. As we mentioned in the case 3, or you had an anti-pick lock installed; the least harmful, quickest and most effective solution would be to call in a professional.

Although the idea of ​​doing it with our hands is to save the cost of the locksmith, it is less expensive than having to buy a new lock or door, because we have damaged it in the opening process. Consider this as a less irrational alternative than it may seem and also meditate on its benefits. With just one call, someone with specialized skills, experience and tools will come to your house; to open your door in just a few minutes and without doing any damage.

Step by step: Open a door with the key inside

As we mentioned in the Case 1, you can try to open the door by applying a couple of highly effective techniques, that we will teach you shortly. In this scenario, the intervention of a locksmith will not be necessary, because the door does not have the lock passed with key turns. To get started, you will need:


  • Bottle of soda
  • Cutter
  • Soap and water

Step 1: After emptying the contents of the bottle, proceed to cut the spout and the base of it; since we will only use the smooth part of the center.

Step 2: In the center of the bottle, cut a rectangle about the size of a credit card. This will be the tool that we will use to open the door.

Step 3: Being careful not to damage the frame and cut your hands, insert the plastic sheet that you cut at the height of your door slide. Go through the process slowly, to make sure the slip is keeping on the inside of the door.

Step 4: When you notice that the plastic card has gone through the door latch, gently make a downward motion. Going down little by little making small movements in the shape of a saw.

Step 5: If the slip has moved enough, it will be time to pull on the door or operate the knob to open it.

NOTE: Your door slipping may be a bit stuck, due to lack of maintenance, dirt build-up, or time of use. This can make the opening process really more complicated than it actually is; For this reason, a simple solution is to spray a little soapy water in the lock area. This solution can lubricate the area enough that the plastic card does its job easily.

The technique may not work on the first try. But you should not get demoralized, you should only repeat the technique a couple of times more, until the door is opened. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect and that this is the first time you have carried out this action. If finally, after trying many times you have not been able to open the door, it will be the time to call a locksmith. This will be able to fix the problem in a matter of minutes (even less). Remember not to be discouraged at any time, these accidents happen daily anywhere and the most important thing is to be decisive at all times.

Does it Help to leave your Keys inside of the Door?

Does it Help to leave your Keys inside of the Door?

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