> How to open a door with a latch from the inside

How to open a door with a latch from the inside

Trying to open the door and that it has the last latch is common, the problem begins when we do not have the key and there is no one inside who can open us. Of course, there are ways to do it.

With some simple tools, other people have been able to solve this difficulty, for this reason and thinking of you, we bring you some methods of how to open a lock with a latch from the inside.

But before starting any technique it is important to remember that our best company during this work will be patience. Because it is very likely not we get it right the first time so we will have to try a few times before we succeed.

With a piece of plastic

This is a very simple method, a flat piece of plastic like a detergent container can work. The idea is to use the plastic from the bottom, but we can also cut a piece from the walls of the container and heat it a little to straighten it by placing a heavy object on it. This in case we cannot easily find a piece of plastic.

Even once you have the piece, you can cut one of the corners in the shape of a nail to make it easier to insert into the strike. The striker is the metal piece in which the latch of the lock fits and that, in addition, covers the hole in the frame where it falls and closes the door.

Ideally, the plastic should have enough strength and flexibility to remove the bolt from the strike. Many people use a credit card, but this procedure may not be safe enough to expose it.

  • We must verify that the door we are trying to open has access to the latch. That is, we have availability to insert the card above where the latch is located.

This is because some doors are protected against theft and one way to do it is by covering any slot that allows these types of objects to be inserted.

  • If all goes well and we already have the tool, we can insert it into the slot between the lock and the strike, a few inches above the latch.

If we locate ourselves in the place where we find the lock and insert the key, we will know where the latch is located, since it is almost in the center of that place, but in the door slot, since it is an outstanding piece.

  • Having the plastic inserted in the slot and located a few centimeters above the latch, we will begin to lower it in the direction of the slot. When we run into the latch, we lever, exerting pressure on the latch so that it comes out.

In this point is when we appreciate having created a fingernail-shaped corner in the plastic, as this is the first to go in and pull the latch. With pressure, the rest of the plastic enters the strike.

  • We must maintain the pressure constantly while we angle the plastic towards the handle or knob of the lock. At this time we exert greater force, without excesses and the door will open.

If at the first attempt we have not succeeded, we rest our body on the door, thus ensuring that the latch does not rub against the strike and the plastic can dominate it.

For this method we can also use other types of objects or tools.

Using a bottle

If we don’t have a bottle of water on hand, we can locate a plastic soda bottle. We must emphasize that, although the tool used in this case is the same as in the previous one, the way of use is a little different.

We will need to cut the bottle, so we must also find what to do it with, it can be a knife or a razor. And, having the necessary implements, we will start by drinking from the bottle as if it were standing still.

  • We will cut upwards as if we were cutting a large straw or nail to play guitar. If we can leave the pointed beak, it will be more useful.
  • We must cut a piece of approximately 8 cm to be able to work comfortably.
  • We will introduce the piece of plastic through the same slot as the method explained above. We will look down the location of the latch and try to slide the piece of plastic between the latch and the strike.
  • If we can insert the tip that we have left in the cut piece, the work will be even easier. Once we have slipped the piece of plastic, we will have our mission ready.

If the maneuver does not work on the first try, we will try turning the handle from one side to the other to lightly shake the latch. This will allow the bottle to enter the striker more easily.

Using an Allen key

This type of key works to open locks whose key entry hole is more or less wide, like that of the simple knob lock models. To do this, you must choose a thin key or, at least, one that is large enough to enter through the keyhole.

Allen keys are a type of manual tool that allows you to screw screws with a hollow head. So the shape of the wrench tip allows it to enter the surface of the screw and loosen or tighten. There are different sizes, but for locks, it is convenient to locate the thinnest.

Once the key has been chosen, we will insert it through the keyhole and we will try to push it to the deepest point or until it is allowed. It is possible that by making a little pressure, the lock mechanism sounds. If so, we turn the Allen key, from left to right.

If the lock did not emit the sound, mention it, you have to keep trying until it happens. Other wrench sizes may need to be tried. We can also apply greater pressure by pushing the key to the bottom, without falling into excesses.

Do not forget that, if none of this works and you feel desperate, you can request the help of a professional locksmith; they do know how to open a door that is locked from the inside.

Door Latch Stuck Closed

Door Latch Stuck Closed

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